CAKE Introduces Makka – A Lightweight Electric Moped

The Makka light moped is CAKE’s lowest cost bike so far, with 2 variants, and a smart configuration platform.

CAKE Sweden, one of the leading light motorcycle manufacturers in Europe, introduce a lower power class moped in 2 speed variants, and the lowest cost from the models so far. The Makka moped is an everyday agile ride, with 8 standard configuration bundles plus 1 build-it-yourself version.

Expected to deliver as early as 2022, just a few month ahead the company showcases another great design, that appeals to a lower cost bracket while still allowing the great functionality and utility of CAKE’s platform, and an agile ride that would attract new riders.

CAKE has been pioneering in their platforms for customizable models, showcasing variants for specific needs in the award winners Ösa, and Kalk. The Ösa offers a unique modular platform to customize your ride, while the Kalk comes in several variants, made for a specific purpose, Like the Kalk AP (Anti Poaching) and the Kalk Race.

The word ‘Makka’ translates to ‘small bug’ or ‘insect’ in the ancient language of Gutniska, a name which highlights the bike’s agile and light riding qualities.

The CAKE Makka will come in two variants, Range and Flex. The Range allows a top speed of 25km/h, while the Flex which is the powerful version gets up to 45km/h, and a respective range of 60km to 50km (mixed city riding (WMTC-II). It can be ridden without a license (depending on your country).

With the first Hub motor on a CAKE bike, the Makka’s hub motor is an internal permanent magnet motor (IPM) with 3.6kW power (4,8 hp), pushing 60Nm of torque at the wheel.

Combined with a removeable battery pack of 1.5kWh (31Ah 48V) that can charge back up to 80% in 2 hours or to its full capacity in just 3 hours. This will allow riders to enjoy an urban range, quick charge back up, on a highly functional and customized ride.

As CAKE’s most nimble, lightweight and quiet bike to date, the Makka comes in a category of its own, serving both the dynamic needs of the adventurous soul and the active lifestyle of the convenient urbanista.

The CAKE Makka Flex model start at a price of $3,800 USD, and the Makka Range at $3,500 USD, making it the lowest cost model from CAKE’s line of bikes so far. Compared to the Kalk or Ösa which start at $9,500 and $7,500 respectively – which are both for the lowest end of the price range, as each of these models have more expensive variants.

The front suspension single crown, RWU spring fork and rear spring shock with adjustable pre-load will make the ride smooth and quiet, in fact, this is CAKE’s most silent bike, since it doesn’t use belt or chain drive.

The Makka is equipped with a high efficiency FOC controller and an Electronic Braking System (EBS) to regenerate the braking power into the battery and increase range. The standard break system is a two pistons calipers, 220 mm disc on each wheel.

Each of the configurations created by CAKE, similarly to the Ösa platform, allows riders to make this ride a utility for their everyday life. From wracks, to baskets and passenger or baby seat, carrying bags or boxes, the Makka offers a wide range of everyday uses and a built-it-yourself option as well.

Check out the Makka configurator on CAKE’s website, and make it your own.

Source: CAKE

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