Verge Motorcycles Launches Revolutionary Hubless Electric Motorcycle for US Market

The Verge TS Ultra now available for US customers, featuring a 25-minute charging time and 80kW motor

Davinci Motor Futuristic DC100 Electric Motorcycle Presented at CES 2023

Davinci Motor’s Seamless User Experience of the DC100 Impresses at CES 2023.

Curtiss Unveils Limited Edition “120 Year Anniversary Collection” Electric Motorcycle

Iconic American motorcycle manufacturer celebrates 120 years with luxury, legacy-inspired e-bike

The Arc Vector is back on track, This time with Ex-MotoGP rider James Ellison

The Arc Vector comes back on the race track for a final tune and settings, with Ex-MotoGP rider James Ellison

Famel – Rebranding 2022 – The Historic Portuguese Brand Reveals the E-XF design.

The historic Portuguese brand FAMEL, Reveals the final E-XF design, as the company rebrands for 2022.

The Australian Electric Motorcycle, Savic C-Series, Wins Victorian Design Award

Savic Motorcycles wins Vicotrian Design Award for the C-Series electric motorcycle, recognizing its ingenuity and design.

ARC Vector wins GQ Car Awards 2022, Motorbike Of The Year

GQ magazine’s Car Awards 2022 names ARC Vector Motorbike Of The Year

Brooklyn based Tarform Begin Deliveries of the Luna

Tarform begins deliveries of the Luna, the innovative tech, material use and design that delivers a one-of-its-kind electric motorcycle

The Coveted Arc Vector – A Look Under The Hood

The innovative and coveted Arc Vector shows off its unique design under the hood.

Maeving Launch the RM1, a Retro Hand-Built Electric Café Racer

The British startup, Meaving, launch their retro electric café racer hand-built in UK.