FTN Motion Secures Their First 100 Streetdog café racer SOLD in New Zealand

FTN Motion's Streetdog café racer just received the great acceptance of early adopters across New Zealand, with their first 100 models pre-ordered.

NAWA Racer Developers Announced Dynamic Prototype On Track For Q3 Debut

The NAWA Racer electric will debut in a few months, as NAWA Technologies form an experienced consortium to bring it to debut in Q3.

French DAB Motors Offers A Teaser From Their Coming Electric Scrambler

French boutique maker DAB Motors teases with an electric scrambler looking to be based on their LM-S bike.

OX Motorcycles Reveal The OX One With Three Optional Designs

OX motorcycles Spain have unveiled three designs for the OX One, pre-orders opened.

Pepper Motorcycles Switzerland With A First Prototype – Light Electric Café Racer

The Cafe Racer/ Scrambler model by Pepper Motorcycles was announced via their Facebook page, a light electric developed and made in Switzerland.

X-Mobility reveals a full electric line of products and open investment fund-raiser.

Emerging startup X-Mobility reveals a full electric line of product and opens investment fund-raiser.

FTN Motion Completes its 500K investment round for the New Zealand electric cafe-racer, The ‘Streetdog’

NZ, Wellington based FTN Motion has closed its investment round of NZD $500,000, oversubscribed by at least $60K.

Famel, the historic Portuguese brand returns with the launch of a new electric E-XF.

With a design inspired by the XF-17, the new Electric E-XF marks the turning point and revival of the brand

WATCH: MODUS Releases ALYI’s First Retro Revolt Electric Motorcycle Prototype Video

Alternet Systems, announced design partner, MODUS, has released the first video demonstration of ALYI's Retro Revolt Electric Motorcycle

FTN Motion – A New Zealand electric cafe-racer with 30 liters of storage

The FTN Motion motorcycles comes with great range, awesome storage space and moped class license. A lightweight Kiwi electric mobility innovation.