Zero Motorcycles Early Release of New 2022 S, DS, and DSR Models

Continued demand for electric motorcycles encouraged the early release of New 2022 Models by Zero

Zero Motorcycles Launch The New Zero FXE

The Zero FXE is launched, a new body style built on the FX platform

ZERO Teases A New Model – The FXE Electric

Zero motorcycles continue to expand their line of models, with the announced FXE model, teased on social media with only an image.

Zero Motorcycles Announces 2021 Cash for Carbon Motorcycle Trade-in Program

Zero Motorcycles are letting you earns an additional $1,500 in value for a purchase of new electric SR/S or SR/F motorcycle, reopening their successful Cash For Carbon campaign.

Zero Motorcycles Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary, With Limited-Edition DSR And Donating $500 To The National-Forest-Foundation On Each Sale

Zero Motorcycles Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary, With Limited-Edition DSR, and committing $500 of each sale to be donated to the National Forest Foundation in honor of Earth Day 2021

Polaris Reveals Plan for All-New Full-Size Electric RANGER

The guessing ends, the first Polaris – Zero powered – vehicle will be the top selling RANGER model, expected as early as 2022.

Zero Motorcycles Helps Extend Tax Credits for Electric Motorcycles In The US

Electric Motorcycles Are (Again) Eligible for 10 Percent Federal Tax Credit, until January of 2022.

Zero Issues A Recall Notice After A DC-DC Converter Issue On 2021 Models

NHTSA Recall notice shows that defect exists in 2021 across several models, but a limited sum of Zero motorcycles.

Zero Motorcycles CEO Sam Paschel Speaks To Yahoo Finance About The Polaris Deal And The Future Of The Company

In an interview by Yahoo Finance, Sam speaks about the electric motorcycle space, future of the company and the Polaris deal.

Zero Deus? Zero & Deus Ex Machina Co-Op On An SR/S Custom Design

Zero does it again with more exciting announcements. This new cooperation with Michael ‘Woolie’ Woolaway is for a custom made special design SR/S by Deus Ex Machina.