ZERO Teases A New Model – The FXE Electric

Zero motorcycles continue to expand their line of models, with the announced FXE model, teased on social media with only an image.

Zero FXE Coming in July. While Zero motorcycles have been a leader in the two wheel space, and they continue to innovate and expand year after year. This time the company unveils a teaser image partly showing the upcoming FXE electric motorcycle.

The social media teaser only includes a release date coming next Saturday, July 17th, and an outline of the coming bike. Other than these minimal details, Zero motorcycles kept everyone (including us) guessing what the FXE will be all about.

At first glance, slick lines, much more smooth then other models that look alike. One of the striking resemblance is to that of a mid or light weight bike – as it has resembling lines to that of the FXS.

The tires seem to be of road suitability, which makes you wonder on this ‘off road‘ looking seat length. This bike could be a hybrid between urban mobility and style, and off road features and look. It appears the FXE will be the Urban version of the FXS, but our guess is as good as yours.

Where the FX would be a fully offroad ready bike – the size and style of the FXE suits a lot of new riders that look for urban commuting options.

This is an interesting teaser, that left many of the news outlets covering it confused from seeing both street legal features, including signals, mirrors, lights etc. being matched together with road-tires on a dirt bike frame.

Our best guess is an urban commuter, with higher appeal to the young crowd and new riders looking for an entry electric motorcycle to get them started. A lot of the younger generation looks for urban machines rather then complete off road ready electric bikes. And this could be the target audience in this coming release of the FXE.

Unfortunately, buyers of the upcoming FXE will not be able to enjoy the Zero Motorcycles “Cash for carbon” Trade-in program, since it will shortly end in a few days, after a full month. But if you were looking to get a Zero motorcycle, this would be a good time to enjoy the trade in benefits.

Source: ZERO FB

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