Zero Motorcycles Announces 2021 Cash for Carbon Motorcycle Trade-in Program

Are you ready to trade your gas powered motorcycle?

Zero Motorcycles are letting you earns an additional $1,500 in value for a purchase of new electric SR/S or SR/F motorcycle, reopening their successful Cash For Carbon campaign.

Zero Motorcycles announced the limited time return of its most successful incentive program, named “Cash for Carbon”. The program will give an additional $1,500 credit on top of all trade value and credits, basically handing out the money to credit you on buying a new Zero SR/S or SR/F.

Whether you put the blame on recent gasoline shortages, more savvy consumers, or just economic thinking – it may even be all of the above that drive the big shift towards fuel-efficient modes of transportation – and above all – electric. For the last 15 years Zero has been leading the space with a complete line of models to suit any rider, these campaigns push the companies products to more consumers that seek the economy aspect of going electric.

Cash for Carbon campaign increases the trade-in value for an ICE motorcycles, for the purchase of a new 2020 or 2021 SR/F or SR/S at participating Zero Motorcycles dealers. From now until July 6, 2021, buyers who bring in an ICE bike as trade-in towards the purchase of a new Zero will be granted an additional credit of $1,500, on top of the trade-in value assessed by the dealer.

Riders will also still be eligible for the 10% Federal Tax Credit, which is still available for all Zero’s electric motorcycles, plus any available state or local tax credits and incentives, creating up to $4,000 or more in value on the purchase of a new Zero model.

Zero SRF
Zero SRF electric motorcycle

“The current state of uncertainty over gas prices has spiked the appetite for electric motorcycles more than ever before,”

“This trend has been intensifying the existing popularity of Powersports in general and makes now the perfect time to reintroduce the Cash for Carbon program,”

Mike Cunningham, Zero Motorcycles Vice President of Sales, Americas.

The award-winning SR/F, which changed the course of the electric vehicle industry, will be updated with all new colors: black & silver as well as mint & red. New for 2021, the SR/F standard and premium versions will each come with a low-profile fly screen. The aluminum bar ends, heated grips and a 6 kWh on-board charger remain part of the premium version. The standard and premium 2021 SR/F retails for $19,495 and $21,495, respectively.

Zero SR/F packs a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h), which you couldn’t possibly complain about. That’s a high top speed that most riders wouldn’t sustain for long rides. It sustains the torque all through it’s climb from 0 all the way up to that 124 mph mark. With a 82kW motor that pulls and pulls, happily whipping more horses anytime you would like them. The ride on the SR/F feels smooth and the bike does not scream underneath, but rather feels that it could easily push more.


The SR/S, Inspired by aerospace design and crafted with cutting edge computational fluid dynamics (CFD), the look of the SR/S is defined by its aerodynamic fairing.

Zero SR/F gets a top speed of 124 mph (200 km/h), quite adequate for a speed bike. The SR series by Zero has an 82kw motor, passive air cooled permanent magnet AC motor, that gets 110 horse power. The battery pack is a 12.6kWh, with power peak at 14.4kWh, which carries the ride with amazing torque of 190Nm. That’s enough force to get a 0-60 speed that should run close to 3.5 seconds.

Source: BusinessNewswire

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