Best Electric Motorcycles in 2023: Our Top Picks for Sport, Off-Road, and Affordable Riding

Riding into the Future: The Best Electric Motorcycles of 2023 for Sport, Off-Road, and Affordability

Damon Motors Partners with Indika Energy to Expand Global Reach to Indonesia

Damon Motors Forms Alliance with Indonesia’s Leading Energy Firm to Meet Country’s Net-Zero Emissions Goal

Damon Motors Approaches $100M in Orders as it Expands Global Reach to Indonesia with Indika Energy Partnership

Damon Motors and Indika Energy Join Forces to Achieve Net-Zero Emissions as Damon approaches $100M in Orders

Damon Motors Exceeds $90M In Orders Backlog; Company Eyes Potential $250M Signed Customers Globally

Damon Motors orders hit record backlog, as production preparations are underway for 2023 deliveries

Damon HyperFighter Colossus Unveiled At CES 2022, An Aggressive Style StreetFighter.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus Unveiled, showing off an aggressive street-fighter design style on their HyperSport platform.

Damon Motors HyperSport Wins 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award

Damon Motors announced it was awarded the 2021 GOOD DESIGN Award in the Transportation category for its flagship Hypersport motorcycle

Damon Motors Announces Upcoming Limited Edition HyperFighter Colossus Motorcycle

Only 100 Limited Edition Damon HyperFighter Colossus Bikes will be built on the Multi-Award-Winning HyperDrive platform.

Damon Motors to Manufacture HyperSport Motorcycles in Vancouver, B.C.

Damon Motors’ upcoming 110,000 square foot facility in Surrey will provide hundreds of jobs

Delfast DNEPR Electric Motorcycle Sets A New Record At Bonneville Speed Week 2021

Delfast DENPR electric sets a new record for their electric motorcycle.

Damon Motors and Auteco Mobility Join Forces to Deliver The Hypersport to Latin America and Develop Products Designed for The Local Market

The partnership between Damon and Auteco aims to develop, manufacture and distribute premium electric motorcycles designed for the region, with the Damon HyperSport as the flagship opening.