SUPER73 Launches Updated C1X Electric Motorcycle with Fast Charging


Super73 C1X Motorcycle – 70 Miles in 15 Minutes – With Latest Fast Charging Update

SUPER73, so far known for their pedaled e-bikes, now also the electric motorcycle manufacturer, has just announced the launch of its new C1X model with the fastest charging battery technology currently available on the market. The C1X model’s advanced fast-charge technology can power up from 10% to 80% in just 15 minutes, providing riders with a range of approximately 70 miles on a single charge.

The C1X electric motorcycle is the latest addition to SUPER73’s Adventure Series line-up, which was first introduced last year. The company has worked to ensure the end-user experience was the primary consideration during the development process. In order to do so, SUPER73 curated a team of engineers with expertise in EV manufacturing, aerospace mechanics, and consumer electronics to help revolutionize their tech platform.

The development team received feedback from existing C1X reservation holders to help shape the bike’s features, including the fast-charge technology that emerged as a clear priority. The team is nearing the final stages of the development process, and customers can provide direct feedback to guide the innovations that the brand will be bringing to market in the coming years.

LeGrand Crewse, CEO of SUPER73, stated that the company’s dedication to providing an excellent user experience was the driving force behind the development of the C1X. He emphasized the belief that cutting-edge technology should be accessible and approachable to all, and the C1X is an example of that principle in action.

Reservations for the C1X electric motorcycle are now available, and customers can secure a production slot for a fully refundable small fee of $73. The fast-charge technology is not just an exercise in hyperbole; it represents a practical use case that prioritizes the end-user experience. The C1X electric motorcycle provides riders with the benefits of cutting-edge technology in a more accessible and affordable package.

The C1X electric motorcycle boasts impressive technical specifications, including a top speed of 55mph (88.5km/h) and a 2.5 kWh battery. The bike also features a 750W motor and hydraulic disc brakes for smooth and efficient stopping power. The motorcycle’s weight comes in at 135lbs (61.2kg), making it a lightweight and easy-to-handle option for urban commuters.

The C1X electric motorcycle represents SUPER73’s commitment to providing customers with innovative and accessible electric vehicles. It’s is a motorcycle that is sure to capture the attention of electric vehicle enthusiasts and commuters alike.

Source: Super73

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