Fantic and Motori Minarelli Unleash the Issimo City E-Scooter into Production

Fantic Issimo

20,000 Units yearly capacity: Introducing the Issimo City E-Scooter: Fantic and Motori Minarelli Join Forces

Just four months after Fantic unveiled its new range of electric scooters at EICMA, the Italian manufacturer has announced the launch of its latest model, the Issimo City. Designed with the urban commuter in mind, the Issimo City offers a green solution for last mile mobility, while providing a comfortable, safe and stylish ride.

Designed and produced in the historic Motori Minarelli factory in Bologna, the Issimo City is the latest addition to Fantic’s E-Mobility range, which includes the Issimo 45, Issimo 25 and the TX scooter. Available at authorized Fantic dealers across Europe, the Issimo City is the company’s first-ever electric moped and promises to satisfy every mobility need, from “last mile mobility” to extra-urban commuting.

The Issimo City is characterized by its elegant aluminum trellis frame and two large 16″ wheels, which provide stability and safety while navigating the city’s obstacles such as rails and road bumps. The inboard engine is fixed to the frame to reduce unsprung masses for comfort and riding pleasure.

Equipped with a powerful 3kW electric motor by Dell’Orto S.p.A., the Issimo City is available in L1 and L3 versions. The L1 version is a 45 km/h moped, while the L3 is comparable to a 125cc motorbike. With a standard 2.2 kWh battery, the L1 version has a total range of 72 km, according to WMTC. However, the range can be increased up to 4.4 kWh by adding a second battery, extending the distance to over 140 km.

The keyless start is quick and immediate, allowing riders to unlock the moped even if the keys are in their pocket. The large 5-inch LCD screen allows for easy control of all the Issimo City’s parameters.

But the Issimo City is more than just a stylish and technologically advanced scooter. As Fantic’s CEO, Paolo Berlato explains, “With the Issimo City, we wanted to offer a sustainable and convenient mode of transportation that also enhances comfort, design and safety.”

The Issimo City is available in four colours: Neon Green, Fantic Red, Night Blue and Matt Grey. The L1 version has a retail price of € 3,990, and the L3 version will be available from the beginning of May.

Source: Fantic

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