Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Form A New Swappable Battery Company, Gachaco

Together with energy company Eneos, Japan’s big four will standardize battery swapping and expend infrastructures.

Yamaha Prototype TY-E 2.0 Trail Bike Updates

Yamaha TY-E’s new prototype, TY-E 2.0 based on the model from the 2018 FIM World Trials Championships.

Yamaha Announces E01 Will Launch In Lease Program

The E01 Lease Program by Yamaha will launch in Japan, with additional demo programs in Europe and Asia in 2022.

Yamaha Motors Europe Officially Launch The NEO’s electric scooter – Specs review

The NEO’s electric scooter – official launch by Yamaha Europe and full specs round up.

Yamaha “Switch ON” Event Present the NEOS Electric Scooter.

SWITCH ON, the official Yamaha electric mobility revealed the company’s NEOS electric scooter.

Yamaha Launches EMF Electric Scooter in Taiwan, Utilizing Gogoro’s Swappable Battery System.

The Yamaha EMF will launch in Taiwan this March, based on a collaboration with Gogoro on their battery swapping systems.

Swappable Battery Consortium Agreement Signed Between KTM F&E, HONDA MOTOR, PIAGGIO GROUP AND YAMAHA MOTOR For Motorcycles and Light E-Vehicles

The finalized agreement for a Swappable Battery Consortium, will bring a standardization for battery technologies, and the co-development between the companies models.

Yamaha Motor Models and Niches Shown in Environmental Plan 2050 Targets

Targeting 90% electric of all motorcycles made by Yamaha Motor, the company will offer a range of urban mobility motorcycles, scooters and more.

EMX-PRO Hits The Dirt Track – The MX Supported By Yamaha Motor Europe and Developed by Dohms Projecten B.V and ELEO – Electric Dirt Bike Track Test.

EMX Powertrain and ELEO, supported by Yamaha Motor Europe, hit the dirt track for the first time with the EMX PRO electric dirt bike.

Yamaha’s E01 Electric Scooter Plans Revealed In Patent Filing

Yamaha filing for ‘Straddle electric vehicle’ patents revealing what may be a 125cc equivalent scooter.