EMX-PRO Hits The Dirt Track – The MX Supported By Yamaha Motor Europe and Developed by Dohms Projecten B.V and ELEO – Electric Dirt Bike Track Test.

EMX Powertrain and ELEO, supported by Yamaha Motor Europe, hit the dirt track for the first time with the EMX PRO electric dirt bike.

Strong acceleration, control and grip in the turns, stability down the straight sections of the track: the EMX-PRO has left a great impression for its first track test.

The EMX PRO dirt bike was developed by Netherland based companies ELEO and Dohms Projecten B.V., with support of Yamaha Motor Europe N.V. and the Royal Dutch Motorcycle Association for Motorcycling (KNMV). The all electric dirt bike will carry equal power to that of a 4-stroke 250cc motorcycle.

Now, for the first time after they tested the bike indoors on the dyno, the EMX-PRO was put to the test on the track. Take a deep dive into the video, and you will see that this electric dirt bike really does have great handling, it corners with ease, and gets a good grip to power out of the corner. The bike sounds great, despite the quite aspect of electric motors, and it looks like an exciting ride – just as you would expect from a dirt bike.

‘It’s very promising to see what this dirt bike is capable of, especially since this is only the prototype’.

Bas Verkaik, ELEO.

In March last year, the companies started their development of the EMX machine, starting at the drawing board. The entire technology was drawn and built at fast pace with no references, other than the chassis it shares with the Yamaha YZ250F. This fully electric beast got to the track, and really made an impression on me. High flying jumps, sharp corners, and speedy straights. A strong test ride all around.

‘This dirt bike is powerful and performs well, and it’s really fast,’ describes Elmar Dohms, initiator of the project. ‘The static tests on the dyno had already shown really good results. And now from this first track test, we can conclude that the EMX-PRO lives up to its potential,’

Elmar Dohms, Dohms Projecten B.V.

Within a year, the Yamaha chassis has been converted to electric. In terms of design and appearance, it’s all you expect of an MX bike, but with the characteristics of an electric motorcycle. The mid mounted motor and battery that replace the ICE were all fitted beautifully into the bike, and it has a great traditional look. We expect the electric motor power to be in the range of 38HP, to actually make it an equivalent to the 250cc 4-stroke YZF, but no official specs were released yet.

Dohm Projecten Will Continue to develop
The EMX-PRO will continue to be developed and undergo many hours of testing in the months ahead. ‘We are going to implement improvements based on feedback from test riders. We want to know what this machine can do. We only need to achieve a small step for this dirt bike to be competitive,’ says Verkaik.

Battery Technology by ELEO
ELEO has developed a special fitted battery pack for the EMX frame of the Yamaha YZ250F. But the technology of their electric powertrain is meant for more universal use. Their products offered on the website show capacities estimated at ~260Wh/kg. With packs of 4.9kWh and 3.02kWh, weighing 27.7kg and 16.9kg respectively.


Since the EMX PRO dirt bike doesn’t seem to use a standard battery pack, we will still need to wait and get the official specification for this battery, and what driving time and range it can provide.

Source: EMX Powertrain, ELEO

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