Triumph TE-1 Completes Final Testing, Detail To Be Revealed July 12th, Here’s What We Know

Triumph’s TE-1 prototype completes final testing and will reveal full details mid July, here’s what we know ahead of the reveal.

Lightning Motorcycles Streetliner Goes Into Planning Stage, Hints at Enclosed Model

The all Carbon-Fiber body, now complete, as Lightning Motorcycles made it’s first Streetliner appearance at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering.

Ideanomics Analyst Day Unveils e-Mobility Vision Following the Acquisition of Energica Motor Company

Growth Ahead! Ideanomics Analyst Day reveals the vision and plan following the acquisition of Energica Motor Company.

Axiis Launch Liion Supermoto – An Electric Built to Conquer the Streets with 134HP

The Liion Supermoto by Axiis is a street electric beast with 134HP

Triumph TE-1 Electric Unveiled – The 180HP Prototype Complete

Triumph TE-1 is finally unveiled, Developed in Collab with Williams Advanced Engineering – This is a 180HP beast.

Lightning Motorcycles Bet on Niobium Tech to Break Land Speed Record of 256mph.

Lightning Motorcycles together with CBMM, team up to design and incorporate lightweight niobium tech to beat the 250mph land speed record.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus Unveiled At CES 2022, An Aggressive Style StreetFighter.

Damon HyperFighter Colossus Unveiled, showing off an aggressive street-fighter design style on their HyperSport platform.

Ducati Reveals Their First Electric MotoE Racing model, V21L, For The First Time On The Misano circuit.

Ducati unveiled their MotoE prototype, V21L, seen on its first Misano circuit test.

456 KM/H (283 MPH) The VOXAN WATTMAN Remains Holding The Fastest Electric Motorcycle In The World Record

records at Space Florida’s Launch and Landing Facility, at Kennedy Space Center (United States). The new records were set between 18 and 23 November 2021.

Damon Motors to Manufacture HyperSport Motorcycles in Vancouver, B.C.

Damon Motors’ upcoming 110,000 square foot facility in Surrey will provide hundreds of jobs