Kawasaki Patents Supercharger-Equipped Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

Kawasaki continues its path towards a hybrid motorcycle, now filing patents for Supercharger-Equipped Electric motorcycle

Ideanomics Increase Stake in Energica, Fueling Growth of the Company’s Dealer Network in U.S.

Ideanomics increased their stake in Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer, Energica, now 70% stake and driving growth to their dealer network in U.S.

WMC 250EV Hits The Asphalt For Testing Ahead of World Record Attempt

The 250EV by WMC, gets his first testing rounds with 170 mph runs with less than half power.

Damon Motors Hits $35M in Preorders for The HyperSport Motorcycle

Damon Motors reaches a whopping $35M in Preorders for The HyperSport Motorcycle, also announcing the expansion of their executive team to support global demand.

New Electric Concept Motorcycle Unveiled by EV Startup Expannia

Florida based Expannia revealed the electric motorcycle concept, along side plans for a complete line of 4-wheeler EVs.

Davinci Dynamics Launch The DC100 and DC Classic High Performance Café Racer

The DC100 and DC Classic were announced today by Davinci Dynamics China, revealing a futuristic Café Racer.

Davinci Dynamics set to launch the DC100, A Futuristic Performance Café Racer

The DC100 by Davinci Dynamics China will launch in 2 days, as a performance café racer.

Voxan And Max Biaggi Are Back On The World Speed Record Trail

The Voxan Wattman, by Venturi racing, will take on the world speed record once again, before year end.

Alrendo TS Bravo Lands In Europe

Alrendo TS Bravo arrives in Europe with (only) a couple of months delay from original projections

Arcimoto and Lightning Motorcycles Partner to Build The World’s Fastest Electric Three-Wheel Tilting Motorcycle

With Arcimoto’s patented tilting trike and built on the platform of the Lightning LS 218, the new electric trike will look to set the record for fastest three-wheel motorcycle at Bonneville.