Energica Inside Celebrates One Year of Success and Innovation in Electric Mobility

Energica Inside

Energica Inside marks it’s one-year anniversary, empowering customized full powertrain solutions for electric mobility

Energica Motor Company, one of the top leading manufacturer of electric motorcycles, announced the one-year anniversary of its business unit, Energica Inside. The unit was created to develop customized and innovative technologies for powertrains and components, including motors, inverters, battery packs, and vehicle control units (VCUs).

With over a decade of experience in the full electric world, Energica Inside aims to facilitate and accelerate the transition to electric mobility for companies in various sectors. “We have witnessed an increasing demand for EV knowledge in different verticals, and we are confident that Energica Inside will continue to grow significantly, scaling up the business,” said Carlo Iacovini, General Manager of Energica Inside.

In its first year, Energica Inside has already signed important agreements with global industries. One of the collaborations is with Sealence s.r.l, an innovative startup that has revolutionized the world of naval propulsion with its own DeepSpeed electric jet. This partnership allowed Energica to enter the nautical market and contribute to the sustainable “Made in Italy” mobility strategy.

The company has also partnered with Solectrac, a Californian company that manufactures electric tractors, developing the main technology inside Solectrac tractors where Energica Inside identified improvements in battery technology for the electric tractors throughout their next generation of models.

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The company also provided a feasibility study to identify a final configuration for an off-road electric vehicle platform for a global OEM. Additionally, the company’s engineers and designers worked with the French consulting tech firm, Phenix Air Corp, to integrate the EV technology package into small aircraft and seaplanes for training and leisure applications.

Another collaboration worth mentioning is with LifeLive, a Belgian cross-car manufacturer, to provide Energica powertrain for research and development in the cross-car racing sector. “What attracted these many partners and customers from a wide range of industries to Energica Inside is Energica’s reputation for industry-leading technology and engineering and design expertise,” said Iacovini.

Energica Inside is currently progressing projects at various stages of maturity that will mark new milestones in the company’s story. “Be sure to stay tuned to witness a new revolution in EVs proudly made in Energica,” concluded Iacovini.

With Energica Inside’s innovative technologies and expertise in electric mobility, it is undoubtedly a valuable partner for companies seeking to transition to sustainable transportation solutions. The company continues to provide their expertise and establishing a strong position for future expansion.

Source: Energica

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