Kawasaki Teases Upcoming Electric Model Expected To Be A Balance Bike

Kawasaki drops a video teaser of an upcoming electric model balance bike expected to be named Elektrode.

Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha Form A New Swappable Battery Company, Gachaco

Together with energy company Eneos, Japan’s big four will standardize battery swapping and expend infrastructures.

Kawasaki Patents Supercharger-Equipped Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

Kawasaki continues its path towards a hybrid motorcycle, now filing patents for Supercharger-Equipped Electric motorcycle

Kawasaki Trademarks The Name E-BOOST, Signaling A Hybrid/Electric Soon To Come.

Kawasaki follows up on its latest patents for a hybrid system, with this Trademarked, E-BOOST, signaling a hybrid/electric model may soon be announced.

Kawasaki Patent Filings Showing The Hybrid Project Coming To Life

Patents filed by Kawasaki earlier this month reveal a compact hybrid motorcycle unit.