Kawasaki Trademarks The Name E-BOOST, Signaling A Hybrid/Electric Soon To Come.

Kawasaki Trademarks the name E-BOOST, follows up on its latest patents for a hybrid system, signaling a hybrid/electric model may soon be announced.

Kawasaki now trademarks the name E-BOOST, with quite obvious correlation to their recent patent filing for a hybrid system. This signals that a real model may be released in the near future, perhaps sooner than we expected.

The company has only provided their fans with some teaser videos and general idea on the potential hybrid motorcycle that Kawasaki has planned, but now with the trademark name it is clear they plan to waste no time and move forward with this project.

The potential Hybrid model, and what we know so far:

As we would expect from any hybrid vehicle, the plan is to have the electric motor take over in city speeds and low performance driving, and let the ICE engine take its role when driving higher speeds and highways. This combination will allow the fuel consumption to be optimal, while the electric hybrid unit can use regenerative breaking to recharge while the ICE engine takes over.

Kawasaki hybrid
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This approach is unique to Kawasaki, as no other manufacturer, at this point, offers a hybrid motorcycle. While some of the top manufacturers worldwide, with the likes of Honda, KTMHusqvarnaYamahaBMW and Harley-Davidson recently (some more recently then others) adding electric models to their line of offerings. This hybrid offer is in fact one-of-a-kind in todays space, and Kawasaki will attempt to fill that void.

We cover plenty of (fully) electric motorcycle manufacturers, from across the globe, which already offer their technology for electric mobility. The likes of ZeroCAKEEnergicaNIUHERO which are some of the bigger names, as well as many more upcoming startup companies.

This trademarked name is a positive confirmation that Kawasaki is constantly working to bring this project into realization, and we hope to see more news from this front very soon.

Source: j-platpat.inpit.go.jp

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