Kawasaki Patents Supercharger-Equipped Electric Hybrid Motorcycle

Kawasaki continues its path towards a hybrid motorcycle, now filing patents for Supercharger-Equipped Electric motorcycle

Kawasaki Patents “Supercharger-equipped” electric hybrid, which is a clear continuation of their path towards a hybrid motorcycle, and can possibly explain their trademark “E-boost” that was files earlier this year.

The company has only provided a teaser video (back in Nov. 2020) and some idea on the potential hybrid motorcycle that Kawasaki has planned. These new patent filings are signaling that we may be closer to seeing the hybrid electric come to life soon.

Latest Patent Filing for Supercharged-Equipped Hybrid

The new patent filings are not very revealing, as were their video teasers from 2020, but it appears Kawasaki plans to use a hybrid ICE motor and electric module, electric motor and battery – to support inner city riding environment, on both standard ICE hybrid as well as Supercharged ICE models.

The company already has 4 supercharged models, the H2, H2R, H2 SX, and Z H2, each of these models could be a potential hybrid supercharged electric motorcycle.

The electric motor will have several operating modes, either completely powering the motorcycle in an all electric mode, proper hybrid in HEV mode, or power the supercharger when the ICE engine is the main power in Normal mode.

The plans for a full running line of production, or a first official prototype have yet to be announced, but with ever increasing demand, and the growth in the space Kawasaki will need to execute and deliver on their models. With no prototype the company still has its path ahead to bring the project to fruition.

The path to hybrid is unique to Kawasaki, as currently no manufacturer offers a hybrid motorcycle. While some traditional manufacturers, the likes of KTMHusqvarnaYamahaBMW and Harley-Davidson have recently (some more recently then others) added electric models to their line-up. Still, no manufacturer offers hybrid model and Kawasaki wants to fill that void.

Source: WIPO

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