TROMOX debuted UKKO electric motorcycle on CIMA Motor 2021

Tormox UKKO

The Tormox Ukko debuts on CIMA Motor 2021, a slightly bigger version of the Mino.

Tormox, the China based startup, debuted their Ukko electric motorcycle at the 19th China International Motorcycles Trade Exhibition(CIMA Motor Show 2021). The new model UKKO launched during the event, as the “not so mini anymore” model by Tormox.

The CIMA Motor Show 2021 is being held in Chongqing, China since Friday. It is one of the largest motorcycle gatherings in China, where major brands choose to release their new models normally on the first day of the show. This year, TROMOX also took to stage with the debut of their UKKO electric motorcycle.

On the basis of the comments and opinions received on their previous mini-bike model, the Tormox Mino, it seems the company listened to riders and commentators. The Mino was all about compact size, which brought on a discussion focused on the size of the bike.

It features a larger mid-mounted motor with rated continuous power of 4kW and rated peak power of 7kW. That translates into a maximum horsepower of around 9.5 HP.

A belt-driven motor delivers 203 Nm of torque, propelling this electric bike to a top speed of 62 mph (100 km/h). In just 4.2 seconds, the UKKO S is claimed to hit 100 km/h, quite some speed.

The UKKO is presumably capable of climbing a 22° slope easily, another feature that shows good power output and ability to tackle various riding situations in the city. With a battery pack of 3.96kWh (72V/55Ah) , and fast charging presented by TROMOX in the expo. It can charge the battery from 0% to 80% in only 45 minutes.

Though the UKKO is larger than the MINO, its seat height is still just 76 cm (29.9 inches). TROMOX says smaller riders can fit on the bike easily, even if they are only 160 cm (5’2″).

The TROMOX UKKO focuses on a lightweight vehicle, ranging from the all-aluminum alloy frame of the vehicle body to the racing-grade single sided swingarm design, as well as the design of body hollow details.

Tormox UKKO

Its rider capacity is 170 kg (375 lb) despite its small size. The bike can therefore accommodate larger riders. UKKO even comes equipped with pillion pegs, allowing two riders to ride together.

For tires, both wheels use tubeless tires, the front tire is 100/80-13 and rear 120/70-13. Featues like CBS and ABS brake system are optional,

Since riding scenarios of each motorcycle are quite different, and the needs of each rider are also not the same, I personally find the debate over the bike’s utility or functionality irrelevant as it depends purely on your needs and wants. There is a diverse option range of utilities for any vehicle, from electric cruisers, to sport-bikes, to mini-bikes.

If you commute short distances, in inner city streets, and wish to have a light vehicle – there is utility for you in the Tormox Mino and Ukko both. A bike that can be loaded onto a bicycle wrack, and take you through traffic in rush hours, certainly has value, depending on the rider’s needs.

  • Tormox UKKO

In an age where many traditional fuel motorcycle brands have also begun to invest on the design and development of electric motorcycles. We have covered emerging new startups from across the globe that wish to position their company for the future of electric motorcycles.

As an early adopter of the electric motorcycle industry, TROMOX have already felt the enthusiasm of overseas markets for electric motorcycles since last year when Mino was first exported to Europe. For the UKKO, the international debut is expected in the spring of 2022.

Source: Tormox

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