Tromox Add Ukko AT and MC10 To Their Line Up

Tromox MC10

Presented at EICMA 2022, Tromox continue expanding their line of mini-bikes with the new Ukko AT and MC10 models.

The brand new Tromox MC10 and Ukko AT variant were both presented at EICMA2022, as the company launched the two new bikes to their line up. After launching their initial two models, the Mino and Ukko, the company began targeting European riders, and now continue to build on the success of the Ukko with an additional variant model, as well as a brand new MC10 added to their line of offering.

Since it was founded 4 years ago, the Chinese manufacturer Tromox specialized in electric mini-motorcycles, with Mino then the Ukko S that debut in CIMA motor 2021 show in China. Aiming for expansion in 2023, Tromox wants to offer more off road capability with the Ukko AT and especially with the MC10, the all-terrain oriented bike.

These all-terrain electric motorcycles – Ukko AT and the off-road MC10, both were made to easily tackle a wide range of road conditions like gravel, dry dirt and forest roads, making it suitable for outdoor rides, in the forest, the wilderness, or just adventurous riding.

Ukko AT: the mini-sport motorcycle

The Ukko AT, an urban electric mini-motorcycle that carries a motor of 4 kW in nominal power and 8 kW peak, and expected torque of 220 N.m. Measuring only 1940 x 804 x 1140 mm, with a fairly low riding position (seat height 825 mm), the Ukko AT has an aluminum frame, but still weighs 110 kg.

The large battery of 72V 50 Ah ( 3.6 kWh ) claims a range of about 80 miles (130 km) at a constant speed of 45 km/h. Which could translate to about 60 miles or 100 km of range for mixed driving, and even less if you push it to the top speed of 90 km/h. For a battery recharge, 5 hours via the 10 Ah charger delivered by Tromox as standard.

Ukko AT is expected to arrive in Q2 of 2023 on the European market. The final price was still not announced, but Tromox indicate it will be around 5,500 euros.

The new Ukko will also includes features such as an ABS system, a complete connectivity suite, Keyless start, as well as an NFC badge and a dedicated mobile application for your smartphone.

Ukko MC10: for forest trips

The Tromox MC10 is the second big reveal by the Chinese brand to EICMA. This small off-road electric motorcycle sports a minimalist style with a clean design line.

The MC10 is equipped for Cross and off-road riding, with tires 70/100-19 at the front and 80/100-18 rear. The seat height is at 85 cm with better ground clearance height of 28 cm. The dimensions of the MC10 are 2033 x 820 x 1180 mm for a weight of 100 kg. Tromox revealed a motor that offers peak power of 10kW but without revealing the nominal power, that could be about 5 kW (but that’s just our guesstimate). The torque claimed for the MC10 stands at 120 N.m.

With a claimed range of 70 miles (120 kilometers), again measured as above at 45 km/h. The MC10 will be offered in two variants, with a single battery that could reach the top speed of 75 km/h or a dual-battery variant which displays a top speed of 90 km/h. The batteries are housed in the saddle and each measures at 2.16 kWh (72V – 30 Ah).

The Tromox MC10 release date has not been officially announced, with initial talks of a launch in the Q2 of 2023 for a price of around 5,000 €.

Source: Trormox

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