Fuell Fllow – Pre-Orders Reopen For The Electric Motorcycle Project

Fuell Fllow Pre-orders

Pre-Orders reopen for the motorcycle project Fuell Fllow, co-founded by Erik Buell.

We’ve covered the Fuell Fllow initial announcement, back in 2019. The company first produced an electric bicycle models, the Fuell Flluid, and will now take Pre-orders for the Fuell Fllow, their innovative electric motorcycle.

Fuell was Co-founded by Erik Buell, a well known name in US motorcycle racing who was chairman and CTO of the Buell Motorcycle Company. Buell was Founded in ’83 and the company was later bought by Harley-Davidson in ’93, only to cease its operation in 2009, immersing its business into Harley. Fuell was founded when Erik met with Fred Vasseur (founder of ART Grand Prix and ASM) and François-Xavier Terny.

The Fuell Fllow uses a magnesium Monocoque casing that reduces weight compared to standard frames, a powerful 48 HP motor and mid sized battery, as well as some great added features. From ABS and traction control, to blind side detection and collision warning.

FUELL is targeting a reservations mark of 3,000 units for the Fllow, at $200 pre-order commitment. To bring their concept bike to full production, the company launched the pre-order campaign, Check it out HERE. Fuell will need 3,000+ reservations to have deliveries scheduled for early 2024.

Fuell Fllow Pre-orders

The Fuell Fllow Specs:

The Fllow motorcycle will be starting at a price of $11,995, and offered with 6 variants for color-scheme (below). The bike packs a 10 kWh, 400V battery, powering a proprietary wheel hub motor. The motor engineered by Fuell is capable of 35kW output, or 48hp continuously.

Fuell also engineered a limited 11 kW output motor for A1 (125cc) license class. Their 35kW motor should take it from 0 to 60 in just 2.7 seconds, and produce torque of 750 Nm. Despite having a continuous speed of 55mph (88kmh), the Fllow will have up to 85mph (136kmh) top speed on demand.

The Fllow will carry a range of 150 miles (240km), and charge time would take about half an hour to 2.5 hr when using a 6.6kW or a 3.3kW charger respectively, while on a standard plug charging can take about 10 hours. The Fuell Fllow weighs in at just under 400 lbs (181kg) and will have a lot of additional features to offer the rider, for a rather moderate price.

Fllow comes with eTraction control, hands free lock, walk & reverse assist, blind side detection, collision warning front and back, and 50 liters of storage capacity. The Fuell folks also used great parts like inverted Ø 40 mm telescopic forks, single sided swingarm, adjustable preload rear shock, and hydraulic disc ABS and regenerative ABS rear.

An innovative design, and Fuell has both their motor technology as well as their monocoque design and storage capacity patent pending. A clean and attractive style and design, with simple but captivating look. The front headlight has a great sportive design, and the magnesium monocoque completes it to a great electric look.

Source: Fuell, PreLaunch.com

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