Harley-Davidson LiveWire Officially Launch The Del Mar – 100 Unit Sold in less than 1 hour!

It’s official – Harley Davidson finally release the Del-Mar, a second model under the LiveWire electric brand. 100 Units Sold out in under an hour!

EMGo ScrAmper, The Ukrainian Electric Motorcycle Will Be Built In Poland

EMGo Technology, makes of the ScrAmper Motorcycle, announce they will be produced in Poland

FELO FW 03 – The Urban Commuter Retro Styled like A Honda Cub. Technical Specs Review And More To Come From FELO.

The FELOW FW 03, an all-electric, lightweight commuter the size of a Yamaha BWs or the Honda Cub.

LAND Starts Shipping The District Electric Motorcycle to Customers

LAND Moto Started shipping the District Electric, the powerful and slick street bike, launched ahead of schedule thanks to local manufacturing support.

EMGo ScrAmper Goes To Crowdfunding on Indiegogo: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom

EMGo will launch their Indiegogo campaign titled: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom, scaling production, and support local troops.

The Australian Electric Motorcycle, Savic C-Series, Wins Victorian Design Award

Savic Motorcycles wins Vicotrian Design Award for the C-Series electric motorcycle, recognizing its ingenuity and design.

Electric Can-Am Motorcycle coming? BRP Patents Reveal Coming Electric Motorcycle

The new Patents application by BRP shows a ‘Family of motorcycles’, and may hint the company’s return to 2-wheelers.

SUPER73-C1X electric motorcycle unveiled

SUPER73 Concept C1X debut and pre-order opens, with production planned for late 2023.

BlackTea’s Bonefire Motorcycle line up Expends with 2 new models

The Bonefire, turned from moped to motorcycle, expends with 2 new models and 60mph top speed.

HOP Electric reveals the HOP OXO motorcycle’s complete look during beta-testing program

OP Electric reveals HOP OXO motorcycle in beta-testing program #OXOSNEAKPEEK