Yadea Debuts Electric Motorcycle, Scooter And More At CES 2023

Yadea CES

Yadea Unveils Electric Line up at CES: Motorbikes, Scooters, and E-bikes Take Center Stage

Yadea, the premier name in electric two-wheeled transportation, made a splash at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas with the debut of their 2023 product lineup. This marked the company’s first appearance at CES and the US debut of the highly-anticipated high-speed straddle electric motorcycle, the Yadea Keeness VFD which was announced only 2 months ago, and the high-performance pedal electric motorcycle, the Yadea E150.

The Keeness VFD model comes equipped with a 10KW mid-mounted motor and can reach speeds of up to 100km/h, accelerating from 0-50km/h in just 4 seconds. Its advanced battery technology, utilizing automotive-grade ternary lithium, combined with its smart energy recovery electronic control system, sets a new standard for power and battery life in high-speed electric motorcycles.

Meanwhile, the Yadea E150 is a cutting-edge electric scooter with a peak power of 5KW, a peak torque of 160Nm, and a top speed of 80km/h, and featuring Yadea’s super-fast charging technology, allowing the scooter to reach 80% power in just 20 minutes.

Yadea also debuted its series of ebike models, all featuring high-performance motors and a generous five-year warranty. The company has been at the forefront of the ebike market for six years, and its smart sensor motor technology provides riders with a smooth and powerful gear-shifting experience.

One of the star models of this lineup is the Yadea Innovator, the company’s first AI-powered electric folding bike, that had the honor of winning the 2022 American Outstanding Industrial Design (IDEA) Award. The Trooper 01 model features a dual motor drive and rear hub motor technology with a peak power of 1000W and 750W, and the Camper model, set to release in March, will also feature the same impressive motor.

Yadea’s goal is to establish a comprehensive ecosystem for electric vehicles and provide a wide range of products and services to American consumers as part of their strategic plan for the US market. With data showing strong growth in the electric bike market in the US, with e-bike sales seeing an increase of over 300% in the first quarter of 2022 and 4.8 million units projected to be sold by 2025,

Yadea is poised to take advantage of this growth, thanks to its strong global presence and the maturity of its product development due to its heavy investment in research and development. In the US, the company will distribute its high-quality products through multiple channels, including retail stores, online sales, and exhibitions. Additionally, Yadea plans to open flagship stores in San Francisco and Los Angeles, as well as 100 Integrated brand dealer stores in the first half of 2023.

In addition to product launches, CES attendees had the opportunity to interact with Yadea’s cutting-edge products and technologies through a variety of on-site activities, which were well received by attendees who were impressed with the high level of innovation and functionality on display.

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