Yadea Presents Their First Electric Motorcycle Keeness VFD

Presented at EICMA 2022, Yadea reveal the Keeness VFD, their first electric motorcycle.

Yadea enters the electric motorcycle space, for the first time, with the announcement of their new model – Keeness VFD. The company that has so far been well known for their electric scooters, presented the electric naked motorcycle at EICMA 2022.

The company has also previously been a part of some major cooperation announcements, with DCJ and Gogoro, partnering to establish a network of battery swapping. This will service multiple companies, including Yadea, allowing the infrastructure to support their coming models.

Yadea now establish their first footprint in the electric motorcycle space, with their own naked electric bike. Despite the design and style being quite the traditional, very similar design to modern naked bikes, with sharp lines and bodywork.

Equivalent to a 125cc motorcycle, the The Keeness VFD will pack a 10kW motor with about 13.5 HP, and a torque of 280 Nm. Utilizing a double battery pack with a capacity of 2.3 kWh (72V / 32Ah), or 4.6 kWh in total.

The claimed range is nearly 86 miles (140 km) measured at a constant speed of just about 28 mph (45 km/h). Finally, the Keeness VFD is equipped with a 5 inch LCD screen and 17 inch wheels. The Yadea Keeness VFD will be marketed in the coming months, but its price has not yet been released.

Beyond those details, Yadea has not revealed a full specification, but the company plans to fully launch the VFD to the market in coming months, so we will keep an eye out and of course update as more details are revealed. Keep an eye out.

Source: Yadea, Moto-station

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