Italian startup Positive Motorcycles set to release electric motorcycle EGERA in 2024

Positive Motorcycles EGERA

PSTV Motorcycles aims to capture the passion for motorcycles in Italy with sustainable and impressive electric motorcycle prototype

Positive Motorcycles, an Italian startup based in Como Lake, is set to release their electric motorcycle, the EGERA, in 2024. The company has been working on the motorcycle for two years and the prototype is now ready for testing and public demonstrations. The company aims to take advantage of the passion for motorcycles in Italy.

Despite facing challenges such as global energy crisis, supply-chain instabilities, and parts availability issues, the company is determined to stay on track with production deadlines. PSTV Motorcycles is adopting an in-house manufacturing strategy to achieve this goal. Additionally, they aim to secure investors that believe in the project as the sector is expected to grow 20% annually in the next decade.

Pre-orders for the EGERA will be available in the coming months before the final product is released in 2024. The motorcycle features an electric liquid-cooled engine that was developed in Italy and has regenerative brakes. The battery has a range of up to 100 km, making it ideal for daily commutes or weekend trips. PSTV Motorcycles has incorporated sustainability into the design by using aluminium and natural fibers instead of plastic material, with 90% of components produced in Italy.

The EGERA boasts impressive technical specifications, although these are subject to change since the motorcycle is still in the prototyping phase. It has a range of 120 km, can accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.0 seconds, and has a maximum speed of 125 km/h. The liquid-cooled motor has a time to charge of 6 hours at 220V and a battery capacity of 7.7 kWh.

The wheels and suspensions consist of two 17” rims, a front fork Ø41 mm, a front brake of 300 mm, double rear shock absorbers, and a 520 chain. The power unit features a permanent magnet motor, liquid cooling with a radiator, a maximum power of 42 cv (30 kW), maximum torque of 85 Nm, and protection IP67. The overall length of the motorcycle is 2200 mm, with a seat height of 870 mm and a weight of 152 kg. The display features a touch screen LCD TFT 4.3″ with a resolution of 480×272.

PSTV Motorcycles is optimistic about the EGERA’s prospects, and they are hoping to create a niche for themselves in the electric motorcycle market. The EGERA will be the first of many electric motorcycles from Positive Motorcycles, and the company is committed to creating sustainable and environmentally friendly products. With the pre-orders opening soon, it remains to be seen whether the EGERA will be successful in capturing the attention of electric motorcycle enthusiasts.

Source: Positive Motorcycles

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