Swappable Battery Consortium Agreement Signed Between KTM F&E, HONDA MOTOR, PIAGGIO GROUP AND YAMAHA MOTOR For Motorcycles and Light E-Vehicles

The finalized agreement for a Swappable Battery Consortium, will bring a standardization for battery technologies, and the co-development between the companies models.

KTM E-Technologies and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) to create L-category vehicles.

EMotion PROJECT by KTM E-technologies and Austrian Institute of Technology, for an Innovative, cost-and energy-efficient mobility in L-Category Vehicles.

KTM Signs a Letter Of Intent With HONDA, YAMAHA MOTOR, And PIAGGIO To Establish a ‘Swappable Battery Consortium’ for Electric Motorcycles

In A press Release by KTM, the 4 companies announce they will establish a more standardized specification for a swappable battery network.

KTM SX-E 5 – 2021 – Electric Motorcycle Review

The offroad KTM SX-E 5 – full specification breakdown. KTM SX-E is a great off road. It comes in direct competition with the like of Husqvarna, the Sur-Ron Storm MX, and others.