KTM E-Technologies and Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT) to create L-category vehicles.

BILD zu OTS – Ein neuartiges E-Zweirad als grŸne MobilitŠtsalternative

EMotion PROJECT by KTM E-technologies and Austrian Institute of Technology, for an Innovative, cost-and energy-efficient mobility in L-Category Vehicles.

Led by the Austrian Institute of Technology, AIT, in collaboration with a total of 10 partners from industry and science – including motorcycle manufacturer KTM – the EMotion project consortium is developing a new electric motorcycle that should help reduce CO2 emissions, particularly in cities.

This electric two-wheeler in the L category is intended to be a cost-effective, energy-efficient and a comfortable alternative to other means of transport, with the target audience of 16 to 18-year-olds and the 50+ generation.

The concept for the EMotion project is based on a portfolio of technological solutions. These areas of innovation include the construction and component arrangement, a highly efficient electric drive and charging as well as usability. 

The project partners will pursue three goals particularly: the first is a significantly more efficient use of resources in relation to currently available and comparable vehicles. Second is a lightweight construction for excellent driving performance. And third, is a user-centered, human-machine interface with an integrated information system. The aim is to provide users with a new mobility experience.

This electric motorcycle, which appears in it’s first drawing board sketches to be a maxi scooter, will be supported by KTM E-technologies GMBH, a subsidiary of KTM global, that operates from Anif, Austria. But there are several partners on this project, including the entire following list:

  • AIT Austrian Institute of Technology / Center for Low-Emission Transport
  • KTM E-Technologies GmbH
  • KISKA GmbH
  • WIVW Würzburg Institute for Transport Sciences GmbH
  • Salzburg Research Forschungsgesellschaft GmbH
  • FH Upper Austria Research and Development GmbH
  • TU Graz, Institute for Structural Durability and Rail Vehicle Technology
  • Daxner & Merl GmbH
  • Kobleder GmbH

“We are well on the way to actually getting the e-two-wheeler on the road,”

AIT project manager Bäuml

The consortium is currently working on an innovative gallium nitride semiconductors on-board charger. The development of an information system together with a “human-machine interface” and an eco-coaching algorithm are also currently in focus, and it appears the AIT is highly focused on technology innovation improvements. The system should be intuitive to use and encourage energy-efficient driving.

The electric scooter has a tubular steel frame with elements made of an aluminum alloy, and it will run on a PMSM motor. In ergonomics study, an optimal driver seating position was designed, as well as the shape and location of the battery pack were determined. These ended up at the basis of the scooter, lined up in a position that ads stability.

Using an ecodesign model, the eco-footprint was considered for the entire life cycle of the vehicle- from the extraction of the materials to their transport, processing and actual use to recycling – in an approach of a circular economy.

“However, there are still some technological hurdles to be overcome before the prototype can be built. However, the concentrated innovative strength of the EMotion consortium makes me confident that our mobility solution will be an integral part of the transport system in just a few years ”, says Bäuml’s outlook.

AIT project manager Bäuml

The project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund (KLIEN), in cooperation with BMK Austria, which is the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology. In short, the BMK, is the ministry in Austria responsible for may energy topics like efficiency and promotion of renewable energy. The project is funded in the context of the 2nd call for “Zero Emission Mobility”.

KTM is one of the major brands sold under the Pierer Mobility group, which also holds Husqvarna, GasGas and R-Raymon (e-bikes).

The KTM brand already offers the SX-E 5 electric offroad motorcycle, but other news from the company so far included mostly the Husqvarna brand, with announcements for an upcoming E-Pilen motorcycle, and the Vektorr Electric scooter.

Despite supply chain challenges, Pierer sold a total of 106,453 vehicles (Compared to 59,168 in Q1 2020) worldwide, including 87,197 motorcycles of the KTM, HUSQVARNA and GASGAS brands and 19,256 e-bikes of the R RAYMON and HUSQVARNA brands.

Source: AIT, Roadmap2050.at, Pierer