Revolt Motors Reopened Sales For The RV400, And Sold-Out In Two Hours!

Revolt RV400 goes back on sale, but within only 2 hours got completely sold-out!

Revolt India is one of the promising startups by entrepreneur Rahul Sharma, who previously established Micromax (a consumer electronics company). We covered the two models currently offered by Revolt, the RV400 and RV300 – two electric naked bikes that look great, and they have great city commuting vehicle specification to take on the competition locally in India. Now, Revolt opens the RV400 for sale, only to go fully booked in 2 hours.

The company just received an extremely strong audience confirmation, with a full sold-out within two hours. These amazing numbers show the great shift towards electric motorcycles globally, and of course locally. As more people examine the options for more sustainable energy, cheaper commuting expenses, and of course government incentives making it more economic.

The Revolt RV400 has a 3KW mid-mounted motor. With range claimed by Revolt to be anywhere from 50 miles (80km) to 90+ miles (150km), depending on speed and terrain. The Revolt models has 3 driving modes, with ranges from 110 miles (180km) in Eco mode, 68 miles (110km) in Normal mode and just under 50 miles (80km) in Sports mode.

The Revolt is a full fairing bike, classic design that still has great curves and edges. It has a great overall look, that keeps classy and looks great at the same time. Simple in design, simple in look and still this bike captures the eye at first sight. It looks inviting and comfortable, and ride position is suitable for commuting and riding without putting much effort on the rider.

The battery pack for the Revolt RV400 is not the grandest, but that makes it a lighter bike, weighting in at 220-238 pound (101-108kg). The RV400 carries a 72V, 3.24KWh pack, suitable to the city range and commute needs.

With a mid drive motor, and the top speed of the RV400 at 53mph (85kmh), and an incredible pricing of $1500. Those are good speeds for in city drives, which really are the need for locals, rather than long highway rides that are more rare.

The battery pack charges up in only 2-4.5 hours, depending on the charging rate. But where it really shines is price, as the RV400 starts at Rs. 1.06 Lakh ($1500) – a price that really make it a great deal for the rider. Revolt even offers financing through a monthly payment option to ease on their consumers. And as the reopening of the sale went back live, riders completely took over the opportunity to secure their RV400 bike.

One of the cool features on the RV400, is that it also comes with sound simulation exclusively for this model. The bike comes with four sounds named “Revolt”, “Roar”, “Rebel” and “Rage”. With the purpose of simulating an engine sound that some riders tend to romanticize on, this is a feature that would be very interesting to hear in live surrounding.

India’s huge market for motorcycles also provides several tax incentives for electric vehicles, as the Department of Heavy Industries changed the scheme of the “2019 Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric vehicles” (FAME-II), to offer 50% more incentives on two-wheeler EVs. For electric 2-wheelers: Rs 15,000 per kWh of battery capacity, up to 40% of the vehicle cost exempt from tax.

And these are only the governmental programs, as local states incentivize further with state subsidy for as much as Rs 5000 and as much as 10,000 in Meghalaya, or road tax and registration fee exemption in other states. In the state of Gujarat an announcement for further incentives plan to increase the subsidy to Rs 20,000, and invest in infrastructures to support electric vehicle growth in the state.

Check back in soon, as we will keep tracking the news for a possible schedule of another sale.

Source: Revolt Motors, Electrek, Ohionewstime, Cardekho

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