Revolt Motors India Offers 2 Models Of City Rides- Electric Motorcycle Review

Revolt India is another potential success for electric motorcycles out of India. Revolt offer 2 city models with excellent prices, and great specification for that money.

Revolt India is not the first startup for entrepreneur Rahul Sharma, which has previously established Micromax (consumer electronics company). The Revolt bikes look great, and they have just the right specification to take on competitor city bikes and commuters. Revolt offers mid range stats on all the bike aspects from top speed, through range and all the way to battery and motor. Nonetheless, they offer all that at an amazing price starting at $1400 roughly (converted from India Rupee).

Revolt has two offered models, the RV300 and the RV400. They differ most on their motor, where the RV300 uses a 1.5KW Hub Motor the RV400 has a 3KW Mid Drive motor. That would be quite the decent range and it’s claimed by Revolt to be anywhere from 50 miles (80km) to 90+ miles (150km), depending no the drive speed and terrain. The Revolt models has varied driving modes, and claimed ranges are as follows; 110 miles (180km) in Eco mode, 68 miles (110km) in Normal mode and just under 50 miles or 80km in Sports mode.

Now before we get into the motors, let’s talk about looks.

The Revolt is a full fairing bike, classic design that still has great curves and edges. It has a great overall look, that keeps classy and looks great at the same time. Simple in design, simple in look and still this bike captures the eye at first sight. It looks inviting and comfortable, and ride position is suitable for commuting and riding without putting much effort on the rider.

The battery pack fro thew Revolt RV is not the grandest, but that makes it a lighter bike, weighting in at 220-238 pound (101-108kg). The battery for the RV300 is 60V, 2.7kWh while the RV400 carries a stronger 72V, 3.24KWh. Combined with the fact it has a mid drive stronger motor, this brings the top speed of the RV400 to 53mph (85kmh), and the RV300 to about 40 mph (65kmh). Those are good speeds for in city drives, but could feel a bit lacking if you get on a highway.

The Revolt battery charges back up in only 2-4.5 hours, depending on socket type, and fast charge used. But overall that’s what you would expect from the battery voltage and watt hour size. Like we said at first, this bike comes in as very decent and provides up to par for his bracket. Where it really does excel is price, as the RV300 is offered with a starting price of about $1400, and the RV400 at $1500 – those are prices that really make it a valued bike for the rider. Revolt even offers a monthly payment option to ease on their consumers.

The Revolt RV400 also comes with the interesting feature of sound exclusively for this model. Revolt offers four sounds named “Revolt”, “Roar”, “Rebel” and “Rage”. That’s very new and interesting to hear in live surrounding.

Another thing we have grown to know and love by the electric motorcycle manufacturers – is the tracking app. It seems that this has become a very integral part for riders, to check their bike battery status, or just get come cool data on their drive. Revolt was no different here and provides an app with an abundance of features.

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