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Evoke 6061
Evoke 6061 – Image by Evoke

Evoke motorcycles wants the cruiser market with their long range, fast charge 6061 model.

Evoke motorcycles has already started pre-order on their 6061 model, which stands to be their power cruiser design, with a stronger motor, increased range, and much more that Evoke want’s to offer their riders. They even placed a huge battery on that and claims it will provide a range of 290 miles (470 km!) which is amazing.

Evoke has been getting much attention for their great Urban models, the Urban-S and Urban Classic. They now launched and open for pre-orders on their 6061 model that will try to win the heart of cruiser riders. This bike promises a lot of range, with Evoke claims of 290 miles, and a fast charge on board that will get you back going in only 15 minutes.

Looking at the specs, the Evoke 6061 is indeed an awesome bike. It runs on a 120kw PMSM motor. That can be a horse power estimated at 150-160 and perhaps even a bit over that, which would fit the claims of top speeds that will reach 143mph (230kmh). Considering the strength of this motor, the expectations from battery increase, and Evoke delivers with a battery that will be 24kWh- larger than the likes of Energica, or Brutus, with 21.5kWh.

Evoke 6061
Evoke 6061 – Image by Evoke

Classy design features stick to what you would expect. The Evoke 6061 has cruiser written all over. It has a wide battery taking up real space like big cruisers with ICE engines do, and the pumped fairings look great with geometry pulling back to the motorcycle seat. From all angles, it looks great.

The combination of speed and power on a cruiser is perfect, and Evoke captures the essence of this need along with range, range and more range. The pre-oder will cost you a $5000 refundable commitment, and they will go into the owners waiting hands in 2021. The 6061 really has great specs on paper, and all that’s left is for Evoke to fully deliver. We hope to see the success of this model on all aspects, and hey, even with a bit less range – this still will be a great cruiser.

Evoke 6061 Night Ride – Video by Evoke

Via: Evoke, Electrek.co

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