Brutus V2 Rocket – Electric Motorcycle Review

Brutus V2 Rocket
Brutus V2 Rocket – Image by Brutus

Brutus V2 Rocket – Speed bike with the looks, speed and range.

Brutus Motorcycles’ V2 Rocket speed bike is not only fast, and strong, but also looks like a real predator. This electric motorcycle has a great big battery powering a super strong motor, and it shows competitive numbers on all scales. To top that a masterpiece design that resembles a hawk making it look like a bird of pray.

The V2 Rocket is the prized speed bike from Brutus, which produce excellent designs with great specs. The V2 rocket is equipped with a different type motor than other models like the Brutus V9 or Brutus Cafe. Instead of their AC motor, producing 88hp, they used a DC 9 inch motor, with a staggering 130 hp. That juice is a produced torque of 172Nm.

With a battery selection option of “Race Ready” or “Street Smart” you can go with 12.8kWh battery, or the latter Street Smart optional 17.8kWh or 21.7kWh. Those are great options for this V2 Rocket model, and it’s estimated to produce (at moderate speeds) ranges of about 150-200 miles. That’s great range, but who want’s to lay low on an electric motorcycle that was designed to prey.

The Brutus V2 Rocket carries fully speed suited suspensions with inverted 3 way 14Pt. adjustable front forks, and link type 2 way 22 point adjustable rear shock. Brutus also geared it with twin 6 piston dual galfer wave rotor breaks on the front, and dual piston single caliper on the rear.

Brutus V2 Rocket
Brutus V2 Rocket – Image by Brutus

Design, oh the design. Brutus nailed the essence of the speed bike, a predator. And they took the Brutus V2 Rocket right to the peak of showing that. It’s front is a beak, with badass painted hawk looking face. Just one look and you want to get on a ride. Or is it just us?

Via: Brutus Motorcycles

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