HVR, High Voltage Racing, Launches New 65PRO and 50PRO Electric Kid Bikes with Supermoto Models

HVR 65PRO and 50PRO

HVR 65PRO and 50PRO Bikes now available for Off-Road and On-Road Riding Experience

German-based High Voltage Racing (HVR) has launched its latest electric kid bikes, the 65PRO and 50PRO, which are designed for riders aged between eight and 13 years old. The new models feature a completely redeveloped drive train, including a more powerful motor and a battery almost twice as large as the previous model.

The newly developed battery provides 1.7 kWh and can be changed on the track in just a few minutes. The 65PRO boasts a peak power of 13.5 kW (18.5 hp) and can be fully adjusted in terms of performance, speed, engine braking, and response behavior through the HVR Connect app.

The suspension has also been upgraded, with a fully adjustable FastAce USD fork with a stanchion diameter of 35mm and a travel of 210mm at the front, and a new FastAce shock absorber adjustable for rebound, compression, spring preload, and variable length at the rear. The frame has a new design and reduced weight compared to the previous model, and the seat height can be varied from approximately 760mm up to 830mm.

In addition, HVR has also announced the launch of the supermoto versions of the 50PRO and 65PRO. These bikes come with wider aluminum rims and 10-inch slicks for the 50PRO, and 12-inch slicks for the 65PRO, and offer the same diverse adjustment options for the chassis and drive as their off-road counterparts.

The supermoto models are suitable for both beginners and experienced riders, with adjustability options for maximum power, top speed, engine brake, and response behavior. The large batteries provide the longest riding time in their class, and can be changed at the track if necessary.

The 65PRO supermoto bike, with its 13.5 kW (18.5 HP) peak power, is also great as a pit bike for adults to improve their bike skills on the kart track. The bikes are available in fresh yellow and can be distinguished from the off-road versions even from a distance. Both the off-road and supermoto versions of the 50PRO and 65PRO are available now from HVR or your HVR dealer.

HVR is producing some high quality electric kid bikes that offer a fun and safe riding experience for young riders. With its advanced features and options for customization, the 65PRO and 50PRO, as well as their supermoto versions, are a great choice for kids who love motocross and supermoto. To learn more about HVR and its products, visit www.HVR-Bikes.com.

Source: Press release HVR Bikes

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