Sondors MetaBeast: A New Model That Promises the Ultimate Off-Road Adventure

Sondors MetaBeast

The MetaBeast: SONDORS’ game-changing all-terrain electric bike

Sondors is a well-known name in the world of electric bikes, and the company has recently released a new model that’s causing quite a buzz. The Sondors MetaBeast is a mid-drive, all-terrain electric bike that promises to provide the power, torque, and styling of an off-road motorcycle, with the ease of use of an e-bike.

The MetaBeast’s frame is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and features a unique, weld-free, single-piece casting process that enhances both its strength and design. Its rugged geometry and exceptional performance allow you to go on extended rides, whether it’s up a mountain or downtown.

The MetaBeast is also quite capable, with a peak power of 6 kW and peak torque of 40 Nm. It can reach a maximum speed of 50 MPH (about 80 km/h) and go up to 44 miles on a full charge at 25 MPH. The battery voltage is 72V-30Ah, or roughly 2.16kWh and the vehicle weight is 123 lbs (55 Kg).

Sondors has always been known for providing superior quality and innovative engineering at a reasonable price, and the MetaBeast is no exception. While the estimated shipping for this new model is October 2023, it’s already generating excitement among electric bike enthusiasts.

MetaBeast: It’s so affordable, we could hardly believe it!

The limited insider reserve pricing for the SONDORS MetaBeast is currently set at $3,000, giving early adopters a significant discount on the expected MSRP of $4,500 after April 11, 2023. This exclusive offer is only available for a limited time, and interested buyers are encouraged to act fast to secure their reservation. With estimated shipping set for October 2023, customers can look forward to an exciting and highly anticipated arrival of their new MetaBeast.

Check it out and enjoy an early-adopter discount that really makes it a great value for money motorcycle, even at the full MSRP price of $4500, it still remains a great option for a low price when compared to competitors.

If you’re looking for an electric bike that provides a mind-altering experience on every road, trail, and ride, the Sondors MetaBeast might be just what you need. And don’t forget to follow all local e-bike riding laws and regulations for your area!

Source: Sondors

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