HVR Presents The 65PRO Electric MX For Youth

High Voltage Racing (HVR), present the 65PRO, an MX electric bike for riders 8-13.

Kawasaki Elektrode, Company Unveils First Electric Model, A Balance Bike

Kawasaki’s first electric motorcycle, the Elektrode balance bike, offers youth riders an entry level bike to grow with.

Energica Unveils Experia, An Electric Green Tourer

Energica unveils a new model, Experia, electric tourer, at Mugello Circuit.

Caofen F80 Electric Enduro Model Will Be Introduces In France

The Caofen F80 is a lightweight, go-anywhere enduro bike, with all around capabilities.

Horwin HT3 and HT5 New Electric Off Road Models

The HT3 and HT5 new models by Horwin for electric off road motorcycles will be available in 7 variants for on-off road use.

EMX Powertrain launches the XF30: available for pre-order now!

EMX Powertrain announces the release of its electric MX bike: the XF30. 100 units of the XF30’s, from the first limited series, are now available to be pre-ordered. 

Kuberg Launches Rox: All Electric, Carbon Fiber Pushbike For Your Youngster

Meet Kuberg Rox. Built on a carbon fiber frame, fully electric, super lightweight and with advanced ABS braking.

FELO FW 03 – The Urban Commuter Retro Styled like A Honda Cub. Technical Specs Review And More To Come From FELO.

The FELOW FW 03, an all-electric, lightweight commuter the size of a Yamaha BWs or the Honda Cub.

The New Addition to ONYX Motorbikes’ RCR Moped line, The CTY2 moped

ONYX Motorbikes’ RCR, the 60 mph retro e-bike will now get a Moped Sibling, named CTY2.

Yamaha Motors Europe Officially Launch The NEO’s electric scooter – Specs review

The NEO’s electric scooter – official launch by Yamaha Europe and full specs round up.