DirtFirst Racing KTM Freeride Supermini, A Competitive Electric Motocross Race Bike

DirtFirst KTM Freeride

DirtFirst Racing and Hollywood Movie Bikes have teamed up to offer a race ready Supermini Electric motocross bike.

The DirtFirst 2023 KTM Freeride Supermini is a revamped, MX Racer variant of the original Freeride electric off-road. The purpose-built bike will be aimed at 12-16 year-old Mini MX racers. This performance mini-bike starts as a production KTM machine that is modified to the specifications of the Team’s race-winning bikes.

The Freeride EXC is a true KTM that has been available for almost ten years, until recently solely in European markets. The Freeride has the solid reliability and worldwide parts network you would expect from any KTM product. Using the same chassis for the basis of not only the Freeride EXC, but also the Freeride 250cc and 350cc gas-powered models.

Over the last 2 years, DirtFirst Racing has race-tested and developed a bike capable of competing head-to-head with Supermini-class gas bikes in AMA competition, the unveiled results is the production KTM Freeride EXC.

The Supermini classes are traditionally the last step before racers step up to full size race bikes, and the Freeride Supermini starts to fill the gap between the smaller KTM SX5E and the full-size electric race bikes currently available. 

DirtFirst KTM Freeride List of changes:

So what changes exactly from the original KTM model to that of DirtFirst? Quite a bit actually. This list of changes has a significant impact on performance optimization for racing, as every improvement can make the difference from a winning race to a losing one. Everything from Brembo brakes, WP forks, Renthal chain, bars and Grips, lower weight footpegs and even graphics, a seat cover and a body kit by Acerbis.

WP 43mm XACT AER ForksARC Folding front brake lever
Brembo SXF Brake SystemsRaptor Titanium Footpegs
OEM Rear Foot BrakeWorks Connection Holeshot Device
Galfer 260mm Floating Front Brake DiscDirtFirst Aluminum Skid Plate
Excel 19/16 Wheelset w/Faster USA HubsDirtFirst Key Switch Mount
Dunlop MX33 Tires w/HD tubesModified subframe for easy shock adjustments
Renthal Sprockets and DID ERT3 ChainAcerbis MX Body Kit
Renthal Bars and GripsFactory Edition Replica Graphics and Seat Cover
G2 Billet Throttle Tube w/Zero Play Spacers

Team DirtFirst racers Rocco Morse and Tommy Luera have competed in MX, GP, and desert races throughout Southern California, assisting the Team in gaining the valuable race data to optimize the bike’s track performance. The company has been at the track, testing and working on suspension, battery swaps, quick charging, gearing and all aspects of racing electric bikes in real-world situations and track conditions.

DirtFirst Racing has stocked their inventory to supply a limited run of these track-specialized machines. With high-quality components and technology that a private race team operation can provide. The DirtFirst Freeride Supermini is available for order, at a price of $17,995.00 USD plus taxes and fees. 

Many electric bike manufacturers have visions of their bike winning races, but DirtFirst Racing has actually done it. Get a head start on the coming Electric Revolution with the only competitive Mini MX racing bike currently available.


All OEM KTM parts will be available through KTM dealers that take part in the Freeride Program. All Freeride Supermini custom replacement parts, as well as the consumable OEM parts, will be made available through DirtFirst Racing.

Source: DirtFirst

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