DAYI motor eOdin Pro, A 120km/h 10kwh Electric Boasting 220 Km Range – Spec Review

DAYI motor eOdin

DAYI Motor unveiled their new and updated high-performance electric motorcycle eOdin Pro – Full Specs review

DAYI Motor eOdin is a naked electric with performance and range, an upgraded model on the basis of eOdin 2.0 released back in 2019. China based manufacturers have long been offering affordable alternatives and DAYI motor are offering a range of electric scooters, along with the electric motorcycle E-Odin, carrying great performance specs and range, while still having an affordable price.

With a 10kW nominal motor power, The eOdin Pro 120AH now has a next generation AMR hub motor. The bike has a claimed top speed of 120 km/h, and it covers the advantage of maintenance-free hub motors such as longer life and performance.

The eOdin Pro model will now boast more range, with the new eOdin Pro battery pack of 12000W of power. The motor is powered with 120AH battery capacity up to a maximum range of 220 km and the bike is also equipped with a 25A charging port on board.

DAYI motor eOdin

This smooth naked style electric is traditionally designed, with the innovation spirit of electric motorcycles, and all the features expected for an ICE motorcycle. The eOdin Pro comes with Hydraulic rear disc brake with ventilated disc and CBS, 3-speed electronic gearbox and reverse, all LED lights, LCD advanced information display and front lockable glove box.

It also offers three speed selections, so you can go from full performance to two more moderate power options for more battery saving.

In addition, the eOdin features a and double reinforced hydraulic front suspension with steering wheel lock, with hydraulic rear suspension monoshock. Standing at a curb weight of 187Kg, the bike runs on MAXXIS radial tire, front 120/70-17, rear 180/55-17 and with a 1325mm wheelbase it should have easy handling and steering.

As more and more Chinese brands are expending their audiences to markets outside of China, DAYI motor wants to increase their reach and expend to Europe, US, and more locations. The company offers an even wider range of lower powered scooters and city light 2-wheelers, which we’ll touch on in coming articles.

Technical specifications and features:

  • AMR Hub-motor 10KW constant power (low-wear and low-noise brushless motor)
  • Speed Max. 120 km/h
  • 25A On board Fast Charger
  • Type 2 charge port
  • Battery Max capacity 10 KWh
  • MAXXIS radial tire, front 120/70-17, rear 180/55-17
    Hydraulic rear disc brake with ventilated disc and CBS
  • Double reinforced hydraulic front suspension
  • Hydraulic rear suspension monoshock
  • LCD meter in high brightness

Source: DAYI motor

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