RIEJU Launch The Electric eMR, Celebrating Its 80th Anniversary

Rieju eMR

On Its 80th Anniversary, RIEJU showcased the electric eMR to EICMA, an off-road Enduro electric.

The Spanish brand, Rieju, presented at EICMA, showcasing their new electric off road, the eMR, and paying tribute to its 8 decades of motorcycles manufacturing. Colored in the historic Green color scheme that its most charismatic creations once wore and presenting the company’s 2023 complete line up.

With a rich history of over 80 years in manuacturing 2-wheelers, the company has seen the evolution of bikes to motorized bikes, all the way to specialized modern motorcycles we have today. Now Rieju continues to look forward into the future, with their very first electric off-road motorcycle, the eMR.

Nowadays, Rieju has an wide range of ICE models, from Street to off-road and Super-moto, Rieju even offer 3 electric models with moderate Moped level power of 1.5kW to 3kW. These models are highly adopted in markets like Germany, Spain or France and manufactured in Spain, where the company produces 20,000 motorcycles per year.

RIEJU started in 1934 and is the only motorcycle manufacturer that remains 100% Spanish.

Rieju currently has an extensive all-road range (MRT, MARATHON, TANGO as well as the leading developments of the PRO range in 50cc 2T and 125cc 4T). This is complemented by the 100% sport road vehicles such as the RS3 family (the product with the highest production figures) and the new electric bicycle e-Bicy.

Rieju eMR


With a clear commitment to developing its Hard Enduro models ahead for the future, Rieju presented its new Electric eMR, a motorcycle that combines the best Enduro platforms on the market with the silent running of its light and powerful electric motor with great battery range, performing as an authentic Enduro competition bike.

The eMR has a powerful 60kW peak motor power, and while only revealing the battery is 48Ah, it is aimed to run for a ride of about 60 miles (100km) and recharge back up in roughly 2-3 hours. Built on a chromium steel with aluminum sub-chassis, the eMR uses an inverted KAYABA fork, as well as KYB rear monoshock with gas reservoir. Nissin discs for both front and rear, and you have an off-road beast, equipped for tough rides and endurance.

Rieju has not announced when the eMR will officially be available for orders, nor was the price announced. Stay tuned as we will definitely update as the company opens orders.

Source: Rieju

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