Honda Revving Up for Electrified Racing Future: Electric Motorcycles on the Horizon, Says OEM Director

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Honda announces ambitious 2023 motorsports program focused on electrified vehicles and carbon neutrality

Honda Motor Co. has announced its 2023 motorsports program, and as we previously covered, the company is focusing on electrified vehicles and carbon neutrality along side their existing line of ICE models. At a press conference, Shinji Aoyama, Director and Senior Managing Executive Officer of Honda, spoke about the company’s commitment to the “challenging spirit” that has driven its motorsports activities for over 60 years.

Honda has been a leading player in the world of motorsports, competing in a variety of races and accumulating numerous victories along the way. This year, the company is looking to take its motorsports program to the next level by introducing electrified vehicles and ramping up its efforts to achieve carbon neutrality.

Honda has already been conducting research and development on technologies that support this goal, and is now looking to put these technologies into practical use in its racing activities.

To better coordinate and optimize its motorsports program, Honda has established the Honda Racing Corporation (HRC), which will oversee both motorcycle and automobile racing. This new structure allows Honda to leverage the technologies and know-how it has developed in both areas, and to explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

The company is currently looking into the possibility of supplying base vehicles for “participatory” motorsports that more people can enjoy. By sharing the expertise of its motorcycle racing divisions, which have experience in similar activities, Honda hopes to develop vehicles that are suitable for a wider range of customers.

Honda’s 2023 motorsports program is focused on electrified vehicles, carbon neutrality, and the development of new opportunities for customers to participate in motorsports. The company is committed to delivering dream-inspiring and exciting experiences for motorsports fans and Honda fans and customers around the world, and is confident that its innovative approach will help it achieve this goal.

As we reviewed the electric models already uncovered by the company, it’s clear that Honda’s commitment to the “challenging spirit” will continue to be a key focus as the company looks to the future.

But what does it spell for what’s to come from Honda powersports? That remains to be seen. So, stay tuned for updates on Honda’s news.

Source: Honda Racing

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