Honda EM1 e, Company’s First Electric moped In Europe, Revealed In EICMA 2022

Honda EM1 e

The Honda EM1 e is the first Honda EV two wheeler to head to Europe, after we spotted their first debut in China.

The Honda EM1 e, a fresh entry to European markets, offering the brand’s fans an electric commuter with moped power level. The ride is aimed predominantly at a young demographic, as this electric two wheeler more for getting around than for performance.

The EM1 e: offers easy commuting and urban riding. The EM1 e: is powered by the Honda Mobile Power Pack e: a swappable battery developed in-house by Honda, which allows for quick and easy removal for charging at home.

The EM1 e: is compact in form, flat-floored, with a smooth and simple styling that follows traditional Honda lines with a new trendy electric look. The company has not shared any specifications, as the model is marked on Honda’s website as “coming soon”.

We have been expecting this electric scooter model to hit Europe, as it has already been released as a separate model name under Honda China, or Wuyang-Honda.

Honda EM1 e

We have spotted the early release of the U-Go scooter model, announced by Honda China (Wuyang-Honda) offering an electric scooter in two configurations – for both moped and ‘motorcycle’ or scooter class.

This models carries a similar looking hub motor configured to either 800W output for entry level riders or with higher powered variant for electric scooter configuration with 1.2kW nominal and 1.8kW peak power. The top speed of 53km/h is right for targeting young starting riders, and this seems to be a fit to what you expect of the EM1 model.

Check out the EM1 (right) and U-Go (Left). Clearly looks like the same Honda.

What’s next to come for Honda Europe? Well, probably a similar single seat scooter, based on the U-Go scooter, which we have seen happen in Honda China already. Keep an eye out.

Source: Honda UK

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