Kawasaki Ninja EV and Z EV Coming In 2023, and 2024 Hybrid Prototype Unveiled

Kawasaki Ninja EV and Z EV

Kawasaki Ninja EV and Z EV first look at the 2022 EICMA motorcycle show in Milan, unveiled a range of new and prototype Kawasaki models coming in 2023-2024.

The Kawasaki Ninja EV and Z EV – both all electric motorcycles – were revealed at EICMA 2022 after first shown as a prototype at Intermot. President of Kawasaki Motors Corporation, Mr Hiroshi, unveiled a Ninja style machine with the same dual battery motive power and a capacity of 3.0 kWh. Both machines have been created to suit a European A1 vehicle license and will reach markets during 2023.

In addition, after years of Kawasaki research and development into other innovative vehicle types, Mr Ito hosted the European debut of Kawasaki’s first ever Hybrid motorcycle prototype. We’ve covered this prototype progress from patents through Trademark registration hints all the way to the confirmation by the company. The Kawasaki Hybrid is able to quickly and easily switch between its internal combustion engine and electric power, the HEV motorcycle is currently destined to be part of the 2024 product range.

The Kawasaki booth at EICMA also hosted displays including an electric tricycle  dubbed “Noslisu” as well as an experimental hydrogen powered display engine based on the Supercharged Ninja H2 using direct injection and compressed gaseous hydrogen as fuel plus the Elektrode balance bike, a youth riders entry electric model already on sale in North America.

Our Take:

Considering the only details really revealed by Kawasaki, which only reflect the A1 license – equivalent to a 125cc – and 3.0 kWh battery capacity, the new models will take a place in the light weight bracket, with expected motor power of 11kW tops. That’s not a particularly large battery pack, especially compared to other models with similar motor power, but that comes with a reason.

Teamed up as Japan’s big four (Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha) the companies all announces earlier this year that they plan standardize battery swapping and expend infrastructures. The two new models appear to be using these new standardized packs.

Check out the full gallery by Kawasaki:

Source: Kawasaki

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