CFMOTO Reveals All New Models For Its Sub Electric Brand ZEEHO At EICMA 2022


CFMOTO reveals a full line of 2-wheeler electric models under the ZEEHO sub brand at EICMA 2022

ZEEHO present their full line at EICMA 2022. On the first day of the EICMA International Motorcycle CFMOTO landed the spotlight with a line of motorcycles, ICE and electric. China’s leading powersports manufacturer arrived in Milan with its new electric motorcycles including the Papio Nova, as well as the Magnet concept model and the AE8 and AE6 lines.

The sub electric brand ZEEHO, which is a more youth-oriented brand under CFMOTO, officially launched a complete line along with a concept Magnet, and the previously known models, AE8 and AE6 lines.

Papio Nova –The first pure Electric Motorcycle of CFMOTO

As the first pure electric motorcycle under CFMOTO brand, Papio Nova is a motorcycle with great handling and quality level that are comparable with its ICE engine rivals. It is equipped with 69.3V32A*2 lithium batteries, top horse power of up to 30hp and the torque can reach 251 Nm. The range is estimated at 150km with an urban speed.

The SOP of Papio Nova will be ready for sale in 2023.

CFMOTO Papio Nova

ZEEHO and its concept model: Magnet 

Under ZEEHO, the new brand launched by CFMOTO, the company plans to meet the demands of a younger generation and have the best options for trendy urban mobility.

The Magnet

The new electric scooter venturing into advanced electric mobility and smart commuting. It envisions a premium blend of top performances, high technology, and unique design.

The bold proportions and clear main lines of Magnet Concept present its daring attitude and unique features. This electric motorcycle will be a perfect choice for the next mobility.


The Magnet carries competitive specs, reaching a top speed of 150km/h, with 0-50km/h in less than 2.5 seconds, which is just in line for competitors in its bracket.

ZEEHO Magnet

The AE8 and AE6 lines

AE8 was created for urban youth mobility with long-range rides across the city. It is available in two versions, AE8 S+ and AE8.

With a max speed over 100km/h, 0-100km/h acceleration in 11s, and a max range of 120km, the AE8 is a great urban commuter that can fulfil a daily ride need, or just joyriding across. Fast charging makes it possible to charge up to 80% in 2 hours.

ZEEHO developed the “Cobra powertrain” that was originally presented as a 10kW, water-cooled, mid-mounted engine delivering 213Nm of torque. After the official launch, we learned that the Cobra powertrain actually got an increase in peak power. 

The mid-drive motor and Bosch dual-channel as well as ABS system of AE8 S+ ensure its higher performance. With a maximum power of 12.5kW, the AE8 features a high-performance water-cooled motor and three riding modes for balance between practical and sport riding modes.


AE6 is the young sibling of the AE8 model. A suitable choice for urban youth commuting. AE6 offers 2 variations, AE6+ and AE6 L1te to meet demand of various users in a diverse market.

Max speed of 80Km/h, and a range of over 100km. Standard charging supports charging up to 80% in 3 hours. The AE6 is equipped with a single swing arm and side-mounted motor. 18 color combinations are offered by 3 body color and 6 quick-release trim kit color options, for a wide range of users.

This electric motorcycle will be available in the global market soon.


Source: CFMOTO

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