CAKE Signs Meaningful 5000 Motorcycle Contract With Premium Distribution Partner Goldwin inc for Japan.


CAKE signs with premium distributer Goldwin inc, in a significant 5000 motorcycle units for Japan.

CAKE, makers of the  Kalk, Ösa and Makka light, electric motorcycles, announced a new and significant partnership in Japan with premium sportswear manufacturer and distributor Goldwin. The two companies had just signed a three year agreement. The partnership relies on Goldwin Inc’s 70 year experience and established network of manufacturing, distribution, sales and branding, working with premium sports and outdoor brands such as Goldwin, The North Face and Helly Hansen.

Accelerating ahead of timeline, and following the ongoing expansion in North American and European cities, this deal marks the second clear step in CAKE’s partner strategy for the Asian Market.

“The entry into Asia couldn´t be more right than contractually hooking up with the pinnacle of high quality partners and product specialists Goldwin Inc.” 

Stefan Ytterborn, founder and CEO of CAKE

“Goldwin is a company that I have come to know well on an operational level over the years, with a number of close business colleagues managing its business. Their commitment to quality, innovation, purpose and customer care is world leading. Aside from the business relevancy, I’m flattered that we get to work with just them and no one else in such an important market as Japan.”

And in fact, Goldwin has a long standing track record, from its inception in 1951 in Oyabe City, Toyama Prefecture. With a corporate philosophy “to realize a fulfilling and healthy life through sports”. In 2021, Goldwin announced a long-term vision “PLAY EARTH 2030” for tackling issues to resolve climate change and integrate sustainability to their business model. By 2030, Goldwin wishes to contribute to the development of a sustainable society by increasing the use of green materials in more than 90 percent of their products.

These company mission statements perfectly align with the core philosophy that drives CAKE.

“Although the motorcycle business is a new challenge for Goldwin, we deeply respect CAKE’s ambition, fascinating product design and its unique sustainable business model. With the addition of CAKE into our brand portfolio, We truly believe that Gloldwin will be able to offer more diverse value and experience to the Japanese outdoor/sports market. We are very excited to be a part of the CAKE family and cannot wait to explore a new business frontier hand in hand with CAKE.”

Mori Hikari , Managing Executive Officer of Goldwin Inc.

Aside from the CAKE’s direct to user model implemented for Europe and North America, Asia will be developed on a partner basis, together with premium operators. Additional partnerships for other Asian markets will be announced in 2023.


Our Take:

CAKE not only has the complete line of bikes (from Youth to City mopeds and off-road performance rides, CAKE has them all) but it is also a highly decorated company that won many awards for innovative technology, incredible design and sustainability. Now that the company is further scaling up, and wishes to tackle more markets, it would have to find their competitive edge, as well as the right target audience for their premium bikes.

As CAKE clearly states, they plan to scale up in more Asian markets after the current deal in Japan, which would prove to be quite an interesting market for a premium electric manufacturer, as they will need to compete with local manufacturing prices.

We’ve covered CAKE for years now, and they are clearly one of the top-notch manufacturers, be it in input materials, design, innovation and technology. We strongly believe that the company has a solid line of bikes to offer any market, with the consideration of market pricing compared to the competition.

We will keep tracking CAKE’s news and definitely keep an eye out for the first CAKE electric motorcycle to be spotted in Japan!

Source: CAKE

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