CAKEMA 2021 – Unveiling the Kalk-INK and Kalk-OR Race Series

electric motorcycle

CAKE Kalk OR – Electric Motorcycle Review

This great piece of engineering, comes right out of Stockholm Sweden. CAKE motorcycles – The company has a central-EU office, as well as US offices – which is a great move for spreading their awesome product with high reach and scale.

The CAKE Kalk& Street Legal- Electric Motorcycle Review

Ride in style on a great piece of engineering. The CAKE Kalk& pushes the edges of excitement in riding.

The Cake Kalk INK off road and trail – Electric Motorcycle Review

Cake Kalk INK is all about off road, trail, and dirt bike fun.

CAKE’s Sinje Gottwald Completes Unassisted Electric Motorcycle Journey Across Africa

Sinje Gottwald Makes History by Riding CAKE Kalk AP 13,000 km Across Africa Without Technical or Medical Support

CAKE Announces The :work series – Electric Motorbikes and Mopeds Optimized For Mobile Workforces

CAKE, The :work series – an electric workforce bike, customized for the last mile industry.

Cake introduces re:CAKE, offering certified pre-owned electric motorcycles

Refurbished and Certified, Cake will offer riders the choice of buying pre-owned bikes, extending the lifecycle of already existing vehicles.

Cake presents Cake Worlds – A global One Design electric motorcycle racing series.

64 Total Rider Slots Available! ‘Cake Worlds’ racing series launches.

CAKE Introduces Ösa AP to the Electric Bush Bike Series at Outdoor Retailer Show

CAKE introduces the Ösa AP to strengthen its range of electric Bush Bikes in the Anti-Poaching series

CAKE Wins Two BEST-OF-BEST Design Awards, For The Third Year In A Row

CAKE wins two BEST-OF-BEST Awards from the esteemed Automotive Brand Contest – receiving recognition for both the Kalk OR and the Ösa models.