CFMoto’s ZEEHO Launched the AE8 Electric Maxi-Scooter

ZEEHO launch their new electric maxi-scooter model, named AE8, to be delivered first to the local market.

ZEEHO, the daughter company of CFMoto China, announced the first mass-produced electric motorcycle, dubbed AE8. The electric maxi scooter will be manufactured under CFMoto’s high-end electric brand ZEEHO. 

The company first introduced plans for its electric scooter under CFMOTO’s new brand name, Zeeho last year, when it was planned to roll out in 2021. The CFMoto company, founded in 1989, manufactures motorcycles, ATVs, utility vehicles, and powersports engines. They distribute through more than 2000 partners worldwide. North America, Australia, Europe, South America and many other locations.

Now with the official release, the Zeeho AE8 will launch to China’s local consumers first, without announcing officially when it may hit global markets. The bike will come in two variants, mainly differing in their on-board systems.

The electric maxi scooter comes in two different versions: AE8S+ and AE8, with the official prices of 21,699 yuan (~$3409 USD) and 18,999 (~$2990 USD) yuan respectively. 

ZEEHO AE8 is designed to have the same level of control and power as conventional fuel motorcycles, and to be just as easy and convenient as the best electric motorcycles available today in terms of intelligent interconnection. 

ZEEHO developed the “Cobra powertrain” that was originally presented as a 10kW, water-cooled, mid-mounted engine delivering 213Nm of torque. After the official launch, we learned that the Cobra powertrain actually got an increase in peak power. 

With a maximum power of 12.5kW and a top speed of 60 mph (100km/h), the AE8 features a high-performance water-cooled motor. This electric scooter has two hydraulic preload/multi-section adjustable rear shock absorber units, Brembo calipers, and a high performance 69V, 32Ah battery pack. That’s a total of 2.2kWh that can power the AE8 up to a claimed autonomy of 190km.

The scooter offers three riding modes; Sport, Eco, and Street, which provide a balance between practical and sports riding demands and ensures an individualized riding experience. 

The AE8 is equipped with a sensing system, which enables NFC unlocking, remote APP unlocking and unlocking via mobile phone sensing. Cool features that are becoming ever more common to electric and smart vehicles. 

One of the main differences between the two versions is that the high-end AE8S+ has a more advanced TFT LCD meter, and is equipped with semi-hot melt tires from MAXXIS as well as ABS.  

The AE8 scooter combines a new-age industrial design with slowing lines, as defined by CFMoto, and it does have a good, stylish look to it. At first glance, this design style appears to be similar to BMW’s concept scooter with ‘urban mobility design’.

Source: ChinaMotorWorld

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