SUPER73-C1X electric motorcycle unveiled

SUPER73 Concept C1X debut and pre-order opens, with production planned for late 2023.

So far known for their pedaled e-bikes, SUPER73 finally unveiled their first electric motorcycle, C1X. The company introduced the concept light motorcycle, planned to deliver only in 2023, with only a few details revealed. SUPER73 also plan to use consumers’ input and collaboration with their R&D for a refined final product.

The SUPER73-C1X electric motorcycle concept was unveiled alongside the Z-series e-bike, R-Series bike, and a new kid’s electric balance bike. But of all these new models, the C1X stole the show.

From the little details that were revealed, the C1X is planned to reach a top speed of 70-75 miles per hour and will have a target range of over 100 miles. Also revealed was that it will charge from zero to 80% in less than an hour.

Because the models revealed is just in concept phase, Super73 hasn’t released details for the motor power or battery specs, apart from giving away the new design style of the swingarm mounted motor, with the final chain drive.

The C1X is not your full sized street bike, with a wheelbase of just 51 inch wheelbase and 31 inch seat height, Super73 aim for it to be a smaller scaled commuter. The company also announced that the C1X will be extremely lightweight, but did not expose any targets or figures.

The Super73 C1X is already open for reservations, with a symbolic deposit of just $73. Using the fully refundable deposits, riders will secure a place in line, and will get the chance to provide their feedback on the bike as Super73 comes closer to launching deliveries of the C1X.

Check out the full information and get your deposit in here to join the journey on Super73’s website.

Source: Super73


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