Yamaha Announces E01 Will Launch In Lease Program

The E01 Lease Program by Yamaha will launch in Japan, with additional demo programs in Europe and Asia in 2022.

Yamaha plans to rollout the lease program in Japan as early as July, with only 100 units of the E01 electric scooter offered for a 3 months lease. The company recently introduced the NEO’s electric scooter in the European market, during the company’s Switch On event, where it was revealed already that E01 will not go on production line sale, but rather in an early adopters’ test format first.

Yamaha first introduced the E01 electric scooter, as a concept 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, as the maxi-scooter is intended to take the place of traditional 125cc ICE scooters. It was also on the stage at Yamaha’s Switch On event in Europe, and just a week later it announces its program launch.

The Yamaha E01 will not be one you can buy for now. Instead, it will launch the E01 in Japan first, followed by Europe, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia as a demonstration and test model. The first program in Japan is starting July, 2022. 

E01 Specifications:

Yamaha’s E01 electric scooter has an AC synchronous motor output of 8.1kW (about 11 HP) and torque output of 30 Nm. It also carries a range of about 104 kilometers (64.6 miles) claimed for a single charge, with a battery pack of 4.9kWh.

There will be three different charging methods available: a quick charger, a regular charger, and a portable charger. Each E01 will be supplied with a portable charger.  The estimated charging time is 1 hour from 0-90%.

The comfy seat height of 29.7 inches (754 mm), makes it a good maxi-scooter height to get on and maneuver. And it stands at a curb weight of 348 lbs. (158 kg), battery included. The final belt drive will keep it a real silent commuter, and the E01 is equipped with regenerative brake for deceleration, but does not extend the mileage by regenerating back the battery.

E01 Lease Program Details:

Yamaha has so far only given information about the Japanese market. The 100 E01 motorcycles will be available for limited-time lease from May 9 through May 22, 2022, to Japanese applicants who are at least 20 years old, have a small motorcycle license in Japan, and own credit cards. On this lease program, the price for an E01 is 20,000 yen per month, including tax, or roughly $169 a month. Riders can be located anywhere in the country, and the program will last for three months. 

For approved applications, new E01 leaseholders will pick up their scooters from Yamaha dealers across Japan starting July 1 and through July 31, 2022.

The additional planned programs for Yamaha’s E01 in markets outside of Japan have not been announced so far, but would likely follow in announcements in the coming months.

Check out the Yamaha E01 official video:

Stay tuned for more details on coming Yamaha lease programs in more locations worldwide.

Source: Yamaha Motors

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