Yamaha Motors Europe Officially Launch The NEO’s electric scooter – Specs review

The NEO’s electric scooter – official launch by Yamaha Europe and full specs round up.

Simple, stylish and easy to ride, the new NEO’s electric scooter is officially launched at Yamaha Motors Europe. The NEO’s is an urban scooter, purposed for short rides, that combines proven Yamaha quality with low running costs and the many benefits of electric powered mobility.

The new Yamaha NEO’s uses a hub, 3 phase synchronized motor, with nominal 2.3kW and peak 2.5 kW output generating 136Nm of torque. This motor is the latest generation Yamaha Integrated Power Unit (YIPU) that features an air-cooled brushless electric motor located inside the rear wheel hub.

The battery pack is removeable, and the scooter can carry 2 batteries, although sold with a standard single 50.4V, 19.2Ah battery pack, which translates to almost 1kWh. Each pack weighing 8Kg only. Charging time (0-100%) is eight hours, but charging from 20% to 80% will cut the time in half to 4 hours.

With a moderate range of only 23 miles (37km) it was clearly built for urban mobility and dense city areas, where it can benefit riders that most and make getting around simple, reliable and efficient.

NEO’s is equipped with two ride modes designed for higher output or ECO mode. STD mode is designed for normal road use and delivers a higher power output, while ECO mode reduces battery consumption and slightly increases the range to 38.5km. This researched by Yamaha, but the range (always) changes by place, riding style, battery degradation, even weather conditions and many more factors.

The NEO’s suspends on a telescopic front fork, and a single shock swingarm on the rear. Running on tubeless tires, the new Yamaha scooter comes equipped with front hydraulic single disc brake and rear mechanical drum brake, LCD display, full LED lights, keyless system, and can also store a helmet under the seat.

The new NEO’s combines Yamaha’s world renowned quality and product reliability with contemporary design and the very latest electrical drive system.

Check out the NEO’s official launch Video:

Source: Yamaha Europe

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