Yamaha Prototype TY-E 2.0 Trail Bike Updates

Yamaha TY-E’s new prototype, TY-E 2.0 based on the model from the 2018 FIM World Trials Championships.

Yamaha has just released a new version of the TY-E electric trials bike. This new TY-E 2.0 features a monocoque frame made of composite laminates that houses an improved performance power unit. The TY-E 2.0 trail bike also comes with a newly developed battery with approximately 2.5 times the capacity and reduced weight compared to the previous model.

TY-E’s new prototype builds upon the original model from 2018, which competed at the FIM World Trials Championships. Its development is in line with YMC’s goal of reaching carbon neutrality, throughout all of its business activities, by 2050.

The new TY-E is planned to participate in the FIM Trial World Championship strting June this year with Kenichi Kuroyama on the Yamaha Factory Racing Team. Kuroyama-san, who took 3rd place in world trials in 1997 and 1998, also serves as a development rider. The TY-E 2.0 is currently also on exhibition at the Yamaha Motor booth at the 49th Tokyo Motorcycle Show that ends tomorrow, on the 27th.

By redesigning the layout of the power unit and battery, a much lower center of gravity has been achieved. By pairing mechanical parts like the clutch and flywheel with carefully tuned electronic control, the new high-capacity battery managed to keep weight increase as low as possible while improving traction.

Yamaha did not share information regarding production, availability or pricing at this time.

Because of that, and until Yamaha will launch the model for purchase, we won’t open it as a comparable item in our Comparison Tool. Meanwhile, you can check out the specs that were revealed here below.

OVERALL LENGTH × WIDTH × HEIGHT2,003 mm × 830 mm × 1,130 mm
MOTOR TYPEAC synchronous electric motor
CLUTCHHydraulic, Wet, Multi-plate

Monocoque frame using composite laminates

The TY-E 2.0 uses a monocoque frame, made from composite laminates for lighter weight and optimal rigidity. The power unit and battery layout were reviewed and revised to reach a significantly lower center of gravity compared to the first TY-E model.

Newly developed lightweight battery with ~2.5x capacity
Yamaha developed a new high-capacity battery with higher output density. In addition, they successfully kept the weight increase down to about 20% while achieving about 2.5x capacity then their previous model.

Power unit refined through mechanical and electronic parts
Based on the previous model, traction has been improved by pairing mechanical parts such as the clutch and flywheel with carefully tuned controller for the motor that has increased sensitivity to subtle grip changes. 

So, the big question you may be asking yourself is: When will we get to buy the Yamaha TY-E 2.0? Well, that remains to be announced by Yamaha, with no current plans for it in sight. But despite that we can expect that with the fast pace of releases by the company over the past few weeks, it may come sooner than expected.

Yamaha Europe launched the NEO’s electric scooter during their Switch On Event, and just a week later, Yamaha Japan announced the E01 will launch in a Lease Program in the country, followed by more regions throughout the year. This year will mark a big milestone as the company continues to execute on their plan for carbon neutrality.

Source: Yamaha AU

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