The Australian Electric Motorcycle, Savic C-Series, Wins Victorian Design Award

Savic Motorcycles wins Vicotrian Design Award for the C-Series electric motorcycle, recognizing its ingenuity and design.

The Aussie Savic motorcycles has taken out the top prize at the Victorian premier’s 25th Design awards, with praises by the judges for the innovation and impact in design.

Celebrating innovation, excellence and the broad impact of design, The awards goes to Australia’s first emission-free, full-sized, high-performance electric motorcycle.

The Savic C-Series electric motorcycle – designed by Dennis Savic and David Hendroff – gains recognition and joins well known and respected list of design products acknowledged over a quarter-century of history for the Victorian Design Awards.

Winning the award of the year, the Savic C-Series was additionally named Best in Category for Product Design. Judges commended the creativity required to put together the power and handling of a traditional motorcycle with the latest electric battery technologies.

The Savic C-Series: 

The company offers a trio of motorcycles, going by the names of Alpha, Delta and Omega. The modern looking design is capturing, and falls anywhere between sportbikecafe-racer, and naked electric.

While the Alpha will come with the largest battery and motor, with a pack that holds 11kWh. A 60kW motor offering 80hp, that outputs awesome torque of 190Nm. The Alpha electric motorcycle can go from 0 to 60 mph in only 3.5 seconds, and carries a range of 112 miles (200 km).

The Delta model will carry a slightly smaller 9kWh of battery, and a motor of 40kW, producing an output peak-power of about 54hp. The battery on the Delta is estimated to reach a range of 93 miles (150km).

The most affordable of models will be the Omega, with a 7kWH battery pack and the smallest 25kW motor, which still gets a decent 33hp. Good range per charge, running 75 miles (120km) of estimated range for the Omega model.

After revealing it’s order process, Savic have been opened for sales through their production slots and has been assembling their bikes more rapidly to increase production output.

We’ve kept an eye out for Savic Motorcycles since they initially opened to pre-orders, and will continue to keep you posted as the company makes first deliveries, expected to start later this year.

Source:, Savic

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