EMGo ScrAmper Goes To Crowdfunding on Indiegogo: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom

EMGo will launch their Indiegogo campaign titled: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom, scaling production, and support local troops.

We previously reported on the lunch of the EMGo ScrAmper, a combination of street and enduro, that aims to bring the benefits from both models, to an electric machine. The company had, even back then, a line-up of 3 coming vehicles, with the electric ScrAmper being the top model. Now, as the was in Ukraine started, they now go to Crowdfunding on Indiegogo under the fitting campaign name: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom.

EMGo Technology, a Ukrainian startup, started in 2018 and based in Odessa, was founded together with the Ukrainian motorcycle concern GEON. The company introduced their plans to create the ScrAmper scrambler electric motorcycle as the war began in Ukraine, catching the company in the middle of certification and mass production processes.

There are 3 vehicles available from the company, the Flywheel e-scoot, the Razzo electric scooter, and the ScrAmper electric motorcycle. And additional plans for energy boxes, from the Smart Mini Box (2kWh portable battery), to the Smart Energy Box with 8kWh capacity.

The EMGo ScrAmper implements three key principles: good speed, good range, and short charge time + docking with an auto-charger. At the same time, the electric motorcycle remained in the mid-budget segment.

Combining several concepts in one: The bike is a “street” styled motorcycle, with the benefit of 207 mm ground clearance, making it capable of taking on more difficult terrain, and lastly a gearbox that improves cross-country ability. Thanks to the adaptation of a specialized car-charger connecting at the rear, the ScrAmper is quite capable of traveling between cities.

At the heart of the EMGo ScrAmper is a powerful Heavy Duty Power Pack, that was created especially for the task, based on high-performance electric car cells and equipped with a universal cell cooling system. Both when discharging and charging the battery, this significantly improved battery resistance to heavy loads.

Due to these qualities, in the next versions the ScrAmper will have a “super-turbo” mode (up to 160 km/h) and the ability to charge twice as fast. The battery cooling system is patented as the company states.

With the charger concept developed by the team, the battery can now be charged up to 70% during a coffee break. In the same way, a full charge is about the time it takes to eat a good lunch. On a motorcycle tour that includes two coffee breaks of 40 minutes and one 1.5 hour lunch, you can cover around 450 km.

Now, translating that into percentage talk, we’re looking at 50% in 30 min, 80% in about 60 min, and a fully loaded 100% pack in 100 min. All stats as updated on EMGo’s website.

Your participation also helps the Ukrainian army receive electric motorcycles and lithium substations for the company’s production. EMGo will manufacture one for every 15 motorcycles ordered, at their own expense and donate it to the Ukrainian Army. 

In addition, with each ScrAmper we will provide a 2 kW substation of our production – Smart Mini BOX.

The company also guarantees a battery capacity of at least 80% after 2000 charge/discharge cycles. The battery management system uses a cycle analyzer and can provide the user with real statistics at a service center, or by contacting an operator of a remote diagnostic service.

To implement the warranty repair mechanism, the EMGo ScrAmper will use its own system for remote diagnostics and monitoring. Any tuning and updating of software for the first ScrAmper batch can be easily adjusted remotely.

The first deliveries are expected to come in by November this year, and plan to deliver worldwide and sell in bulks too. From a single motorcycle priced €6,300 EUR at the discount from €7,800, to 5 units, 10 or even 25.

Check out the full funding campaign details as it releases HERE

Source: EMGo Technology | PR release

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