EMGo Technology by GEON motors – Ukraine made Electric mobility

The ScrAmper Motorcycle by EMGo Ukraine is their top bike offering, with an Electric scooter and e-scooter moped to complete their line up.

We were recently contacted by the guys at EMGo in Odessa, Ukraine. The startup who produce electric mobility solutions, has an interesting starting line of 3 product. The Flywheel is a e-scooter, the Razzo Electric scooter, and their top line E-motorbike, the ScrAmper. A scrabler based electric motorcycle. Let’s checked out their full offering and specs.

Starting with their electric scrambler, the ScrAmper is a BLDC motor and a 4 speed gearbox. The motor has a peak output of 16.5kW @7000 RPM. That pushes this chain drive bike to a top speed of 75 mph (122 km/h), when even at speeds of 60 mph (95km/h) the range on paper is 90 miles (145km). The battery pack of 8.82kWh, 88.2 V 100 Ah, gets a charge time of 2 hours for a full charge, or 1.5 hours at 80% capacity. The range, per speed: @45 km / h ~ 210 km, @65 km / h ~ 158-170 km, @85 km / h ~ 135-145 km, @122 km / h ~ 98-105 km.

The tubular frame, with battery covers and exposed rear monoshck, gives a great scrambler look. The front suspension is an inverted telescopic fork and the bike uses 270 mm disc brakes, 2 piston caliper and 220 mm rear single piston caliper. The rims are reinforced spokes and hub with formula tires.

The EMGo Razzo, a city mobility scooter, has a max speed of up to 56 mph (90km/h) and up to 93 miles (150km) of range. It has a 86.4 V, 67 Ah battery, 5.8kWh. It is a traditional looking scooter with all electric power, good range and good size battery.

The EMGo Flywheel moped, with a max speed of 27 mph (45km/h) and 27 miles (45 km) of range. It runs on a 67.2V, 20 Ah battery, and runs on a 2.8kW motor with chain drive. Suspension swingarm, 2 rear shock absorbers, and electromagnetic engine breaking. Charging time of 6-8 hours from standard chargers, or improved 2 hours charging with fast charge. The addition will bump the price accordingly from $1100 on standard model, to $1500 on the fast charging model.

Check out their website for more details.

Source: Emgo Technology