EMGo ScrAmper, The Ukrainian Electric Motorcycle Will Be Built In Poland

EMGo Technology, makes of the ScrAmper Motorcycle, announce they will be produced in Poland

EMGo Ukraine plan to manufacture their ScrAmper electric motorcycle in Poland, where it will also be shipped from internationally. The EMGo ScrAmper, combines street and enduro, aiming to bring the benefits from both models, to an electric machine. Recently starting the ScrAmper Crowdfunding on Indiegogo under the fitting campaign name: Ukrainian Spirit Of Freedom.

The ScrAmper had recently gone into a crowdfunding campaign with plans to finance its mass production. But, due to the difficult situation in Ukraine, the company has decided that production will be moved to EMGo’s partners in Poland.

The company offers 3 vehicles, starting with the Flywheel e-scoot, followed by the Razzo electric scooter, and lastly the flagship ScrAmper electric motorcycle. In addition, EMGo has plans to manufacture electric-energy boxes, from the Smart Mini Box (2kWh portable battery), to the Smart Energy Box with 8kWh capacity.

Merging multiple concepts in one: The ScrAmper is a “street” styled bike, with huge 207 mm ground clearance, making it more capable of taking on difficult terrain. In addition, a gearbox that improves cross-country ability.

The ScrAmper will carry a motor rated at 9 kW (and 16kW peak) at 7,200 rpm. That will allow the bike to run up a top speed of 125km/h. Its also equipped with a four-speed gearbox, increasing the range to a maximal 200km at a speed of 27mph (45km/h), or around 60-75 miles (90 to 100km) of range at its full speed of 77mph (125km/h).

Adaptation of a specialized car-charger connecting at the rear, allows the ScrAmper easy traveling between cities. At the base of this naked electric is a powerful Heavy Duty Power Pack, created especially for the task, based on EV car cells and equipped with a universal cell cooling system. This significantly improved battery resistance to heavy loads, both when charging and discharging the battery.

Running on 17 Inch wheels (with 110/90 and 130/80 tires), the USD fork and the rear mono shock absorber are also suitable for road use. The two disc brakes complete the chassis , with an additional regen brake that is not adjustable. The price of the ScrAmper start at 6,300 euro and can be booked through the indegogo campaign. Deliveries will be from Poland as well, and are estimated to begin in November 2022.

Source: Moto.it

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