Kuberg Launches Rox: All Electric, Carbon Fiber Pushbike For Your Youngster

Kuberg Rox, 
Kuberg Push bike

Meet Kuberg Rox. Built on a carbon fiber frame, fully electric, super lightweight and with advanced ABS braking.

Make your child a Rockstar with the Kuberg Rox. The Czech Based Kuberg, the company responsible for top notch electric dirt bikes, launches a new push bike for Youth riders, to introduce your youngster to the world of riding. Starting with a simple push.

The Rox electric push bike grows with your child as he develops riding skills. For full 3 years of fun and adventure, while building your child’s skills and riding confidence. The Rox has adjustable foot pedals, and an detachable motor, making it suitable from novice, to ‘daredevil’ levels. With a click of a button, the Rox can switch between 5 different power modes – and it’s hidden for safety so that it won’t be spotted and fiddled with by your young rider. Safety first.

These riding modes offer different top speeds, starting at 1.5mph (2.5 km/h) with 200W limit on the 1kW peak powered motor. This allows the Rox with 5 levels of speeds – 3.1 mph (5 km/h), 4.6 mph (7.5 km/h) , 8.6 mph (14 km/h) and finally 18.6 mph (30 km/h).

The unique feature of these push bike by Kuberg, is that the Rox is the first, and currently the only pushbike made of carbon fiber. Which makes it the lightweight pushbike offered to date, with the rigid and durable carbon frame. It’s child-proof, tired-proof, and made to thrill your youth rider.

This light frame, puts the Rox at the amazing low weight of 8.8kg, that’s for the complete model with motor, battery and ABS brake system. The minimal weight for the simple model pushbike is as low as 4.6Kg, so that you child can carry them with ease.

The Kuberg Rox also takes safety as a first consideration, as it has advanced ABS braking, so your child never worries about coming to a halt. With equal braking power for both wheels – increasing it’s safety.

Maxing out at 1,000w, with adjustable modes, it’s the perfect way to introduce your child to the world of motorcycles. The Kuberg Rox features optional a state-of-the-art anti-locking brake system, making coming to a halt simple and safe. No brake, one brake, two brakes option, or one brake coupled with ABS on both wheels. No compromise. Your key to the bike, which turns it on or off instantly. If your child takes a small fall, the bike will automatically shut off. You are in ultimate control of your child’s safety.

The ROX is designed with riding in mind. Since it’s made of carbon fiber – it’s durable, strong, and built to last. It requires little to no maintenance, meaning it’s the only pushbike your child will ever need from ages 3-6.

Kuberg’s bikes are all made by hand in their factory in central Europe, to ensure premium quality, usability and durability. The Rox is already making waves on Indiegogo, where Kuberg launched it’s campaign. You can order your kid’s Rox e-push bike starting at $499-$599 for the Rox starting models (these have no motor), or starting at $1,390 on the motorized model, all the way to $1,570 when purchasing the model with full ABS.

Kuberg Rox lightweight, 
Kuberg Push bike

The Kuberg Rox will be ready for production starting October of this year, and the company plans to start having them shipped by December 2022.


Source: Kuberg

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